Huckster Jim Bakker Makes Desperate Plea for $1000, Will Give Blanket and Mug in Return

Jim Bakker, peddler of end-times wares and false prophecies, spent the last few minutes on his show yesterday making a pitiful plea for some financial assistance, offering to give a blanket and a mug in exchange for $500 apiece.

Fortunately, Bakker is barely coherent and sounds like a compilation of Biden when off his meds, being barely coherent and forcing our transcriptionist to work double time to capture his mammon-loving mewls.

I’m asking everyone who’d say ‘Jim, I’m going to stand with you. We’re going to beat the devil back. We’re going to beat him back into hell where he belongs.’

I mean the massiveness of what God is doing through the ministry is so unbelievable, that I just know if everyone gives, we’re going to make it through this. It’s going to grow and grow and grow…if you can give $1000 do it. If you can give the $100 offering, you can do that. If anyone is still with, the special PTL blanket, you can ask for it, and we’ll be able to send that to you as well, and the cup you’ll get the PTL Profits Prophets mug. [Oops! Wrong word! What WERE we thinking? LOL -Ed.]

Call me right now, would you? We need help…

Bakker and his ministry are still reeling from a series of financial hits he took last year, after being sued, prosecuted, and investigated by the government for selling a fake coronavirus cure, which resulted in Visa and MasterCard cutting him off and severely impacting his ability to rake in cash. Now, all they can take is a check, which they note can take 2-4 weeks to process.

As previously explained, Jim Bakker has a racket. His schtick works like this: He brings in “prophets” like Bill Johnson, Paula White, Rodney Howard Browne, or Jonathan Cahn who issue doomsday revelations. Then, Bakker sells survival supplies.

However, he’s technically not “selling them.” He’s giving them in exchange for a “gift” as a gift-for-gift transfer. “Purchases” are actually tax-deductible gifts to his ministry and what is “sold” doesn’t have to have tax added on because it’s only a “gift” in exchange for their contribution. Doing so allows Jim Bakker to undersell his doomsday profiteering competitors.

The sooner he goes belly-up and his ministry devolves into a sad, ineffective heap of irrelevance, the better.

h/t to @RightWingWatch for the video

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