Russell Moore Leaves the ERLC, Jumps Ship to Even More Progressive ‘Christianity Today’

Russell Moore, the head of the Ethics and Religious and Liberty Commission (ERLC) who recently took a personal hit when he was torched by the SBC’s Executive Committee for the way he runs his organization, summarized by the phrase, “The direction of the ERLC is a significant source of division and creates a very real challenge to reversing CP [Cooperative Program] decline,” has left the ERLC and joined forces with the paragon of liberal virtue, Christianity Today.

Moore, fresh off the heels of trying to form a “serpent mating knot” (click at your own discretion) will lead a new ‘Public Theology Project’, according to President and CEO Tim Dalrymple, where he will be “devoted to cultivating a forward-looking, joyful, consistent gospel witness.”

It’s to the great shame of the Southern Baptist Convention that the devil went on his own accord, rather than being run of town on his ear. So long as they employed him, the SBC continued its woeful theological ineptitude, moral cowardice, and spiritual blindness as it kept on sliding deeper into spiritual destruction, rank heresy and (ironically considering its apparent goals) cultural irrelevance.

For years SBC cooperative dollars were used to platform Moore and false teachers like him. He left on his own terms rather than being tar and feathered (in the spirit of, course) and given over to public scorn by being made an example of what it means to be marked and avoided.

Of his new role, Moore said in a statement:

“Christianity Today has meant a great deal to me in my faith journey. I am thrilled to join the team and lead the Public Theology Project. We need to recover a theologically orthodox, intellectually credible, socially engaged, missiologically holistic, and generally connected witness for American evangelical Christianity. This is a critical moment, and the Public Theology Project is devoted toward that goal.” 

Of course, the reason he’s going to Christianity Today is that he fits right in with them.

Christianity Today is the progressive rag known for giving a platform to every weird and liberally insidious bent. They came out swinging against the storming of Capitol Hill by laying the responsibility for the mayhem at the feet of the “white American church” and any leaders who voted for and supported the President.

They released editorials calling Trump voters “jobless” and “uneducated,” with that same Editor-in-Chief writing that he didn’t even know any Trump Supporters (yes, he was the same guy who was a Roman Catholic for the last two years and no one there even cared).

These guys brought us such wonderful articles recently like the new Editor-in-Chief likening any churches being open during Covid to engaging in “snake handling.” Last year, they ran an article saying that polyamory provided an “attractive alternative” and that churches should be affirming. A few months ago they accused white Christians of being inherent racists who were committing acts of spiritual violence against black people by voting GOP.

Moore will commence his new job in the summer.

Truly, they are a match made in hell.

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8 thoughts on “Russell Moore Leaves the ERLC, Jumps Ship to Even More Progressive ‘Christianity Today’

    1. That’s funny. My heart is so rejoicing. Even though it’s probably too late, (for our country); but it’s good, good to see SBC put him out; that’s what I believe; if anybody thinks differently, – ok. Thank you Lord!

  1. Perhaps he was told to seek other employment when the poll of Southern Baptists said he was an impediment to fund raising. I’m afraid of who the executive committee will hire to replace him. Why don’t we just dissolve the whole ERLC?

  2. I hope this is a sign of better things to come for the SBC at their June conference. Next steps: new president, toss resolution 9, continue to weed out the woke.

  3. The ugly comments and heart behind this article are the very reason so many have chosen to move on from this denomination. We haven’t walked away from the faith, by the way. This denomination is just looking less and less like a place where Jesus would find a seat at the table.

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