Lecrae is the George Floyd of American Evangelicalism

For a brief period of time, lasting less than a decade, the formation of “Reformed Rap” or “Holy Hip Hop” seemed to be promising for the sake of edifying the church. In 2013, a panel hosted by the National Council of Family Integrated Churches unanimously rejected Reformed Rap as non-edifying, warning that the worldiness of the genre would lead its followers astray.

Evangelicalism lashed out at those pastors, some of whom apologized for their opinions. Ultimately, NCFIC pulled the footage. Sadly, demonstrating my lack of omnscience, I sided with the Reformed Rap fans and guffawed that a genre’s worldiness couldn’t be divorced from its sinful side and be redeemed for the glory of God. After all, prominent music videos in the genre featured sermon excerpts from James White and Paul Washer. How bad could it be?

I praised the likes of Curt Kennedy (who at the time, went by Voice) in particular, along with Shai Linne who I called something along the lines of “Urban Christianity’s Isaac Watts.” In fact, Curt Kennedy’s song was to play as the intro music to Polemics Report, for which I got permission from Kennedy himself (Brannon Howse vetoed that decision on his platform). The point is, I liked these fellows a lot.

I was wrong and said so in an apology last year. Time has settled the controversy indisputably. It appears that the Reformed Resurgence merely attracted entertainers who wanted a niche audience, and its niche audience (evangelicals) were eager to prove they were with it and hip by blasting voices belonging to those with rich melanin counts. And to be fair, they fooled us along that they were of us. But they were not of us, and went out from us.

These rappers, including Shai Linne and Curt Kennedy, got woke. And by “woke,” I mean they have utterly abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ for Social Religion. They have been baptized into Critical Theory, educated in the Frankfurt School, and drink from the Communion cup of racial disharmony. Race-baiting has become their trade, and like Pied Pipers, they have lulled away evangelical youth to the sound of ear-pulsating base and the Arian Snare (aka Snarianism).

The Lord has judged betwixt us, and time has delivered the verdict; the genre has been nothing but abject poison and was a plot of the devil to lull away silly people. I was one of them, who thankfully was grabbed assunder by the shepherd’s staff before I pranced out of the pasture.

With Lecrae, however, we have always polemicized, even when we promoted the other artists in the genre. Since nearly the beginning, we have reported on Lecrae’s showboating on evangelical stages while he committed himself to his first love, ghetto culture and the bling-bling of the secular rap scene. It has always been a mystery to me why conservative evangelical leaders like John Piper or Albert Mohler ever promoted him, except for being enthralled by the color of skin and the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

In the last several years, the problems with Lecrae have mounted, culminating most recently in his full-throttle support of Democrat politicians whose platforms are nothing but a list of Commandments God said ‘thou shalt not’ to. Supporting abortionists and infanticidal maniacs while showing sympathies with sexual perverts has been the full-time hobby of the artist formerly known as a Christian.

But check this out…

Before I flesh out what’s so abysmally wrong with this tweet, let it suffice to say that we’ve had to cover Lecrae’s position on infanticide before. We covered it here when he poo-poo’d voting for Republicans to end abortion because “murder is illegal and people still do it.” And we also covered the story when Lecrae when matter-of-factly put abortion as a lesser offense than “classism,” a Marxist term referring to the proletariat vs the bourgeois. And we covered the story when Lecrae said that Biden’s baby-butchering presidency was “on the right side of history” and that “Democrats are pro-life.” Apparently, Lecrae – an unhelpful, unanalytical tool – thinks Marxism is a “helpful analytical tool” (to quote Critical Theorist in the Southern Baptist Convention).

In this tweet, however, Lecrae begins with a hat-tip to Standpoint Epistemology, a concept stolen from Third Wave Feminism to undergird the newer philosophy derived from Frankfurt School Marxists, Critical Theory. The notion is simple; if you don’t have a uterus, your viewpoint on baby-killing is not as valid as if you would have had a uterus. One wonders if the logic applies to ‘transgender’ men, but I suppose if you asked a liberal if tranny-dudes could have opinions on abortion if they don’t have a uterus their head would explode.

On second thought, we should ask that question more. But this is what Lecrae means when he repeatedly mentioned, “I’m not a woman, but…” and that he doesn’t know anything about “women’s issues.” Apparently, murder is a woman’s issue. He should just self-identify as a woman for five minutes so he can declare abortion a sin.

But the real gist of Lecrae’s tweet is simple: If you’re really “pro-life” (he used scare quotes) then we should also be concerned about “underserved and marginalized lives, abused lives, and the victims of injustice.” One wonders what in the h&*# he thinks an aborted baby is if they are not marginalized and abused victims of injustice.

Lecrae’s meaning is simple when compared to his Democrat voting choices…It is this; give me your wallet or the baby gets it.

“Lecrae’s meaning is simple when compared to his Democrat voting choices…It is this; give me your wallet or the baby gets it.”

This is, of course, a tired old canard of pro-choice liberals pretending to be the slightest concerned with a million dead infants every year, most of whom are black children murdered by an organization founded explicitly to kill black children. The logic is simple…if you want an end to abortion, give us socialism and/or reparations to fix your injustices.

“The logic is simple…if you want an end to abortion, give us socialism and/or reparations to fix our injustices.”

The theology is flawed beyond recognition of Biblical ethics. Follow the line of logic:

  1. Taxing people punitively with the expressed purpose of redistributing their wealth to others (socialism) is theft.
  2. Theft is a sin.
  3. Ergo, socialism is a sin.

What could possibly be worse than holding babies at ransom in exchange for welfare checks, cash, or transferred privilege? It’s hard to imagine. Imagine, if you will, someone holding a gun to a woman’s pregnant belly with the cash-or-murder ultimatum.

There is a reason why socialists universally approve of abortion, besides it’s a demonic religion founded by a Satanist, Karl Marx (he was not an atheist, but a Satanist – as can be demonstrated by his own words). The reason socialism and abortion go together like watermelon and a hot day is that socialists, who are by nature thieves, have no problem murdering. Murder, according to God’s Law, is the stealing of someone’s life (which is why it must be repaid by a life). Stealing and killing are often mentioned together in the same breath within Holy Writ, in places like John 10:10.

But who would ever be so bold as to put a weapon to a pregnant woman and say, “If you want your baby to live, give me your stuff?”

It’s the Messiah of Woke Religionism. It’s the Grand Martyr of the Popularity Gospel. It’s the Patron Saint of Social Justice. It’s none of other than George Floyd.

George Floyd, a thief who was incarcerated eight times for his personal commitment to wealth redistribution, was arrested in 2007 for terrifying a Hispanic woman in her home during an armed robbery. She not only had a baby at home, but was pregnant with another.

On August 9, 2007, Floyd committed this atrocity with five other friends. He was the biggest man in the bunch and was the one to approach the door as a repairman, forced entry, and held a gun to the woman’s abdomen until she complied with their requests for reparations. Floyd was also the one, according to police reports, to beat the woman about the chest and face in order to “loosen her up” to comply with his demands for economic justice.

George Floyd may be the Holy Pope of Racial Justice, but he didn’t know a thing about legitimate justice. Floyd found out what justice is when he awoke in eternity on May 25, 2020, from a fentanyl overdose. Despite the mythology that Floyd was a Christian evangelist (a dumb urban legend if ever there was one), Floyd died as he lived…a thieving criminal whose sins led him to a place of no return.

Lecrae, on the other hand, has stood in the public square of Twittersville and boldly proclaimed that he just might give two-cents about the unborn when Republicans pay a ransom. “I Can’t Breathe” should be a Christian rap song title referring to the plight of infants when they’re extracted living from the womb by Planned Parenthood and have their lungs surgically extracted for cosmetics research.

We should pray that Lecrae either repent and be saved or, should God will, come to the end of his life so that (like with George Floyd) the world would be better off.

Pour out your indignation upon them,
    and let your burning anger overtake them.
 May their camp be a desolation;
    let no one dwell in their tents (Psalm 69:24-25)

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall, Gideon Knox Group]

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  1. I never embraced the so-called Christian rap gig. It always was and is a very worldly form of entertainment. The beat and rhythm do not promote one to a more holy or reverent regard for God. Lecrae being Lecrae it is surprising that Paul Washer, who claims to have friends that aren’t believers or who are on the same path as him, is ok with associating with him.

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