The Netherlands Euthanized 1 in 2450 Citizens Last Year

In an act of radical depravity, the Netherlands euthanized 6938 people last year, representing approximately 1 out of every 2450 citizens. These ghoulish numbers are nearly a 10% increase from last year, when 6361 people chose to engage in state-sanctioned suicide.

Furthermore, this number represents almost 5% of ALL deaths in the country, including, including those who succumbed to the novel coronavirus.

While the majority of people choosing to die with the help of doctors had terminal cancer, there were some who had dementia, cancer where the chances of recovery were slim but viable, and a few people who were chronically depressed and their mental state deemed “not compatible with life.”

The startling increase in case counts is no surprise, however, as government leaders and politicians have been becoming more and more lax regarding the conditions surrounding who may kill themselves and when.

The Netherlands government announced last year their desire to extend the option of euthanasia to children between the ages of 1 and 12, as current law allows euthanasia in teenagers, as well as for newborns up to a year old, should their parents give their consent.

The government is further opening up the service to people who are not at risk of dying, but rather are “tired of living.” This burgeoning accommodation comes after government research revealed that around 10,000 people over 55 have a serious death wish, and so they are seeking to make allowances for that.


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1 thought on “The Netherlands Euthanized 1 in 2450 Citizens Last Year

  1. Its a GOD-less Country and that is why they seek death in their 50’s and older, because a life without Christ JESUS is a life most miserable indeed. Nevertheless, the Government has no right to “murder” their own citizens under a satanic law called euthanasia.

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