Charismatic Prophetess: Angels Compete in Olympic-like Contests in Heaven called ‘Angel Games’

Kat Kerr, our favorite pink-haired, mainstream-continuationist, spunky charismatic meme-bot and “Dr. Michael Brown-approved prophetess” has given us a fresh round of “revelation” about heaven, and it is a joy to behold.

Appearing on Episode 21 of Wednesdays with Kat and Steve,” one of the shows guests, looking positive thrilled that he gets to nerd out and ask Kat a question, ponders this query:

Q: I am a huge Superman fan – like massive, okay? My question is…can you fly in heaven?

Yes, you can fly, you can fly in heaven. Number one, why wouldn’t you? Which is what the Holy Spirit says to me all the time -why wouldn’t you fly? I mean it’s the place of creation. It’s the life and the power of God is everywhere. If plants can sing, if you can travel on light in heaven, if you can speak and create food and it’s on a tray in front of you, why wouldn’t you be able to fly?

And there is a park, there’s an amusement park. I was taken to that, I have evidence that I was taken to that in my book, it really exists!

They have a place called ‘Flyby.’ That’s one of the amusement things in heaven, in their park, and you get taught to fly there. And your friends who are in heaven will come to watch you learn to fly because it is hilarious. You’re not really good in the beginning – you’re like spinning through the air.

I mean you actually have places for them to sit and watch you learn. But the point is this: Christopher Reeves who made it to heaven, it’s what he gets to do in’ll find out when you go though. You’ll be standing in line with everyone else waiting to learn.

Q: That sounds amazing – what about superstrength? Can you like lift super heavy things?

Well you know, nothing really weighs much in heaven. It’s made out of light but it is substantial like the walls of your mansion and heaven. Don’t try to run through them. A portal would open you would run through the portal and the wall of your mansion, but it’s a real place in your spiritual body in the spiritual world.

You feel the ground you’re walking on, you feel the food that you’re eating it and so I would imagine since this is one of the best things I’ve talked about very little, they actually have the angel games, not kidding at all, they actually have what we call the Olympics they call the ‘angel games’ in heaven and the army of heaven put them on on a regular basis when they come back from a lot of warring, they get to do the angel games and show how good they are at the different supernatural things they do, so you’ll probably be there watching that.

These angels are lucky Kerr isn’t competing, as she would get the gold each time.


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3 thoughts on “Charismatic Prophetess: Angels Compete in Olympic-like Contests in Heaven called ‘Angel Games’

  1. Gotta hand it to ol’ Kat – she is a truly amusing woman.

    Unlike frauds like Benny Hinn, Todd White, Bill Johnson and his Bethel cult, and the others who laugh at the people who are foolish enough to fall for their nonsense Kat seems to really believe the things that she says.

    She’s a fraud, but seemingly not an intentional one – she clearly has significant mental illness that causes her to believe in the nutty things that come out of her mouth.

    And she always keeps us entertained 🤣

  2. Ok, seriously do I feel more sorry for Jeff for asking these ignorant questions, KKerr for being insane and having no one care enough for her to get her some help? Or do I feel for Steve who’s having a hard time?

  3. Kat’s either a shameless opportunist or simply madder than a hatter. Either way, she’s bad news for the endless number of undiscerning and naive Christians who hang on her every bizarre utterence.

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