Op-Ed: Christian Post Doesn’t Differentiate Between Genuine Believers and Twice the Sons of Hell

A reporter for the Christian Post has demonstrated a frightening lack of discernment by categorizing famed blaspheming, pro-choice, pro-LGBT pastor and Democrat senator as a Christian, and then doubling down when challenged on it.

Leonardo Blair made the assertion in his article, “10 Christian reactions to Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd.” As the name suggests, he scoured the internet looking for public responses from well-known Christian leaders and shared them publicly. While some were relatively benign (If you can call JD Greear and Russell Moore that), his list featured more than a few disturbing names.

Jamal Bryan. He is an African Methodist Pastor who has been plagued by sexual scandals for the last 15 years, with Blair himself frequently reporting on him mere months ago, recounting fresh accusations of “egregious sexual conduct.” AME is a thoroughly reprobate denomination, one that is founded on racial rather than theological grounds. Preaching liberation theology, the majority of congregants are pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ.

Pastor John Gray is a former associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. He left there and joined Relentless Church in South Carolina in 2018, moving into a $1.8 million mansion “parsonage” paid for by said church. This is quite prescient, as ironically the only thing he has been “relentless” about is repeatedly cheating on his wife while staying employed, along with wearing eye-watering expensive clothing.

United Church of Christ. Another thoroughly depraved denomination. Pro-LGBTQ, of course. In a 2001 survey (and things have only gone downhill since) 53.2 percent of members say “the Bible” is the highest source of authority, 16.1 percent say the “Holy Spirit,” 9.2 percent say “Reason,” 6.3 percent say “Experience,” and 6.1 percent say “Creeds.”

On their denominational website, they proudly display an article by UCC Team Leader and self-described “queer femme” Chris Davies. She writes, “Access to abortion has been one of the issues of which I am most proud that we have a historic legacy of continued support. Clergywomen and clergyfolk in the United Church of Christ have been vocal for decades about a woman’s right to choose ease of access to abortion for all people, and the healthy pathways to get what is necessary and life-affirming…Abortion is essential healthcare!”

Sojourners. Dubbed by Blair a “Christian Social Justice Organization,” the Jim Wallis-led progressive paradise shares much with the previous people and pages, being that they are openly pro-LGBT and pro-choice, advocating for their acceptance and celebration among the churches.

To top it off, Blair added Georgia Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock to the list of Christians with a comment worth contributing. Warnock is actively pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ, to the point where he was actually endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  Just three weeks ago, Warnock tweeted out this hot mess of a post on Easter morning.

For Blair, these are all Christians worthy of being reinforced as such in the article. We reached out to him for comment and he responded that so long as someone has a confession of faith – he takes them at their word and will consider them a brother.

Evidently, he has succumbed to the false teaching of “website orthodoxy,” a term coined by fellow contributor Seth Dunn which refers to a nefarious Bible-twister or false teacher having an orthodox statement of faith on their website, but ignoring it entirely in their body of work, sermons, books, or teachings.

They have an orthodox confession, but “their throat is an open grave; with their tongues, they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips.”

We’re not trying to kneecap Blair or the Christian Post. He probably could have said “10 Religious Leaders,” and we wouldn’t have cared and the Post itself does some very good work, including some editorials against CRT and Wokeism that have been stellar.

But when two-thirds of the “Christian” leaders and organizations you’re pulling from would just as soon spit in Jesus’ face as bow down before him – supporting baby butchery and gospel-stealing sodomy while you declare them saved and sanctified- that’s a problem.


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1 thought on “Op-Ed: Christian Post Doesn’t Differentiate Between Genuine Believers and Twice the Sons of Hell

  1. Sojourners is one of the many (is it over 100?) social justice organizations funded at least in part by Soros. Years ago when I had knowledge of what was happening in the episcopal church, I remember Sojourners gave grants to Episcopalians and other liberal churches to send people to the anti police marches in Ferguson, MO after Michael Brown was shot by police, in 2014 I think. Our church got enough to fly a few people to MO and put them in a hotel room for a few nights and provided for meals and incidentals. ( I’m not sure how many ended up going. One person put it on her fb page, but used the plural to talk about the group going. I’d guess 2-4 people.) Sojourners has been heavily involved in attempting to turn every church into a left wing social justice outfit for years, and an early influencer in favor of anti fa, BLM, and the defund the police movement. They are one of several liberal foundations that give grants to liberal churches and clergy to fly activists around for marches, protests, and such. They kids you see on tv aren’t paying for this themselves. They may be mostly rich kids but their parents aren’t paying for it either. They are sponsored by large liberal foundations.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the SBC is getting grants from them also. I doubt Russell Moore would turn the money down. And he is in political agreement with Sojourners. Without a complete audit we’ll never know how much the SBC gets from Sojourners and other left wing activist groups to influence the Baptist denomination.

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