Russell Moore Makes Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict About Race

Russell Moore, the head of the Ethics and Religious and Liberty Commission (ERLC) who recently took a personal hit when he was torched by the SBC’s Executive Committee for the way he runs his organization, summarized by the phrase, “The direction of the ERLC is a significant source of division and creates a very real challenge to reversing CP [Cooperative Program] decline,” continued his trend of sowing discord and division with a tweet about the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict.

Because Moore is a progressive and a Democrat he can’t help but bring race into it, even though the trial itself did not touch on it or make that a factor in the death of George Floyd.

In fact, by all accounts, there was absolutely nothing racist about the entire encounter, which would not stop him from noting in a later post that Floyd is a “symbol of the quest for racial justice in this country,” and that because Chauvin was found guilty, we can “work together for a new era of racial justice.” And yet we ask: what was racial about this justice?

We haven’t forgotten about this statement Moore and the who’s-who of SBC leaders signed back in 2020:

Furthermore, don’t believe Moore will make it a habit of celebrating our judicial system as ERLC head or supporting various jury decisions. He only celebrates certain kinds of decisions. He would never dare being caught speaking on cases like the Michael Brown or George Zimmerman case and declaring that “justice was rendered.”

You think the cowardly Moore, author of the laughably ironic The Courage to Stand would say that justice was rendered if Chauvin’s conviction is overturned on appeal – an act that ought to happen based on his lack of fair trial?

Not a chance.


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3 thoughts on “Russell Moore Makes Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict About Race

  1. Turning these arrests-gone-bad into racial incidents is so breathtakingly wrong and perverted as to call into question the mental health and/or intelligence of anyone who carries this torch.

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