‘Christian’ Hip Hop Artist Hopes Derek Chauvin gets Raped in Prison

A ‘Christian’ Hip Hop artist (CHH) has shared with the world how he hopes that convicted killer Derek Chauvin gets raped in prison – a take he then tried to distance himself from after receiving blowback from his fans.

Derek Minor, an artist and producer who has been a mainstay of the Christian Hip-Hop scene for a decade, was previously signed to Lecrae’s Reach Records. While no longer there as an independent artist, he still collaborates with members of Reach Records on a regular basis.

In fact. Minor was featured on a recent Reach Records 116 Clique release just a few months ago, joining Lecrae on the album Sin Vergüenza. This makes sense, as they share similar levels of wokeness and abandonment of biblical fidelity.

Of course, “don’t drop the soap” is a clear and incontrovertible reference to the notion that if someone in prison drops their bar of soap while they take a shower, when they go to pick it up it will expose them to be anally raped, with the perpetrator having convenient access to their orifices.

When pressed by his fans on why he would advocate for this – with sexual assault in prison being a very real, very terrifying prospect for anyone unfortunate enough to go – he backtracked, claiming to be meaning just the opposite.

He did doublespeak.

In response to calling Chauvin a “hoe,” Minor was likewise unrepentant.

In a post hours later, Minor lamented the death of Makiyah Bryant, saying, “Black people don’t even get an hour to mourn. She was 15.”

He likens her situation to the death of George Floyd, leading us to wonder whether he likewise “doesn’t want” the officer involved to be imprisoned where he might “drop the soap.” Thankfully there is clear body camera footage showing Mikiyah with a knife in her hand about to stab another teenager, getting shot because of it. That likely will not matter to Minor and other activists, who see everything through the prism of racism to the point of making evidence and logic irrelevant.

Sadly, these kinds of attitudes are nothing new within the Christian Hip-Hop community, who have by and charge succumbed to the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and where the winds of strange doctrine and progressive ideologies are running unchecked, burning through artist after artist with no respite in sight.

Minor is just further proof of that.

4 thoughts on “‘Christian’ Hip Hop Artist Hopes Derek Chauvin gets Raped in Prison

  1. One of my many duties as a prison chaplain is to be an advocate for victims of prison rape and sexual assault when they go through the investigation process. Prison rape is brutal. It is not nearly as nice as it seems in movies. I could go in to detail, but to be honest, I could have gone my whole life without ever knowing those details. Criminals deserve justice under the law. In some cases, they deserve death. Wishing rape and torture on someone is not seeking justice, it is getting a vicarious thrill out of brutality. It is reveling in the fact that there are absolute monsters in the world. I don’t see a biblical justification for a Christian to revel in inhumanity and brutality.

  2. Sorry, can’t buy that he is a “Christian.” Jesus said we would be known by our love. And this man also campaigned for a “Pastor” who thinks abortion is just dandy. Clearly neither of them have ever read the Bible.

  3. Why call Chavin a “killer” when it’s clear he was railroaded all throughout the process as the trail should never of been held in Minneapolis, the jury should have been sequestered so they could not have been affected by the media on the weekends when they went home, especially last weekend with big mouth Maxine Waters and what she said that should get her kicked out of Congress but won’t. Clearly, a mistrial should’ve been declared by the judge.

    Why can’t people watch the body cam footage showing how those 4 cops went out of their way to try to make Floyd comfortable after he was handcuffed, honored his request to be taken out of the backseat of the police vehicle and laid on the ground, per his request?

    Chauvin used a technique that he and his colleagues were trained to use to subdue an uncooperative suspect, especially one much larger and stronger than any one of them. If you look at the footage, his knee was not purely on his neck. Floyd was crying out for “mother,” which is what he called his girlfriend, another drug addict. And if he was being suffocated, why was he able to speak when he was on the ground? He knew he was dying in the police vehicle as it’s right on the tape when he kept saying he couldn’t breathe. When you look at the drugs he ingested, his heart condition, along with him having Covid plus his mental state of excited delirium, what else was going to happen?

    That said, Chauvin was stupid and arrogant for allowing himself to be filmed in the position he was for so long which made it look so bad. It’s getting to the point where there will be utter chaos and tyranny, and the cops just will not answer calls in the black community or any involving any black perpetrators because it’s just not worth the risk of ruining their lives. Who is that going to adversely affect the most?

  4. To support my post above, here’s a link to an article published last August by a former prosecutor. Then again, none of the actual evidence mattered when a scapegoat is needed such as in the recently completed trial in Minnesota.


    If it’s not obvious by now, we have a protected ethnic class in our country that can get away with anything and that we better not offend in anyway let alone harm physically, and that is an insult, especially to our Christian brothers and sisters in that community who should make their voices be heard loud and clear to protest against it.

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