As Big Eva Blames Christians for Asian Whorehouse Shooting, Be Reminded Of John 16:2

The argument that genuine evangelicals have been making for some time is that Social Religionists are not merely a ‘woke’ version of Christianity, but no Christianity at all. The evidence has been developing, but demonstrable, that those advocating for what they call Social Justice, a not-so-subtle rephrasing of the term Social Gospel which met less fanfare only a generation ago, have gone out from us because they did not belong to us and – in fact – were never of us.

Beth Moore’s admission last week regarding her departure from conservative evangelicalism that “it’s not who I am” – something genuine Christians have been saying for nearly a decade and up until now she has denied – serves as a paradigm shift of sorts.

Wolves have taken off their masks, now that careless shepherds have let them into the fold. There’s no longer any reason to play pretend, although for the sake of keeping up appearances and squeezing out every last dime from the weak housewives they’ve taken captive (2 Timothy 3:6), they may wink and nod toward their old mutton-mask of liberalism disguised as Biblical nuance. They are well within striking distance of the flock, and can finally bare their teeth with the honesty of Little Red Riding Hood’s super-predator, “The better to eat you with, my dear.”

We, and every discerner, has been trying to warn you for years that men like Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Albert Mohler (the Alpha wolf, more subtle but infinitely more powerful than all the others), Mark Dever, and Ligon Duncan are not of us. They are imposters, frauds, phonies, liars, deceivers, swindlers, doctrinal ravishers, and spiritual sluts in the harem of Babylon’s whore.

The evidence of their gross departures from Biblical orthodoxy could not be more evident, albeit is still denied. Their Autobahn by which their blitzkrieg of heresies have invaded evangelicalism include The Gospel Coalition, 9Marx, and the ERLC (and by extension, the Southern Baptist Convention), each feeding off the dollars that sincere but naive Christians continue to feed them under the assumption they’re our leaders and not our enemies. Each of these organizations played the long game for a decade or longer, at first appearing orthodox and steadfast, before turning their organizations into fag parades led by their Chief Priest, Sam Alberry, and his mile-long line of lesbians teaching us about human sexuality and hospitality.

Of course, their methodology has been seen before, but evangelicals have a short memory. J. Gresham Machen, in his 1923 book, Christianity and Liberalism, has already filleted their canine guts open to reveal their mutton-based diet, as well as their methodology.

The Princeton and Westminster professor of religion, who was born in 1881 and died in 1931, explained…

“The greatest menace to the Christian Church today comes not from the enemies outside, but from the enemies within; it comes from the presence within the Church of a type of faith and practice that is anti-Christian to the core.”

He goes on…

“The plain fact is that liberalism, whether it be true or false, is no mere ‘heresy’ – no mere divergence at isolated points from Christian teaching. On the contrary, it proceeds from a totally different root, and it constitutes, in essentials, a unitary system of its own…Christianity is being attacked from within by a movement which is anti-Christian to the core.”

The strategy of liberals, like Mohler, Dever, Duncan, Keller, Moore et al has not changed. They masquerade as conservatives as long as humanly possible, undermining Christianity behind the scenes and letting their leaven liberalize, all while presenting themselves as champions of conservatism until – at last – they have no other choice than to come out of the closet and slither from underneath their rock.

“[Subversive liberals] seek a place in the ministry that they may teach what is directly contrary to the Confession of Faith to which they subscribe. For that course of action, various excuses are made…if a man desires to combat the message instead of propagating it, he has no right, no matter how false the message may be to, to gain a vantage ground for combating it by making a declaration of his faith which – be it plainly spoke – is not true.”

One would think that Machen was describing the Social Religionists of our day. See below…

“The preacher comes forward, not out of a secret place of mediatation and power, not with the authority of God’s Word permeating his message, not with human wisdom pushed far into the background by the glory of the Cross, but with human opinions about the social problems of the hour or easy solutions of the vast problem of sin. Such is the sermon…Is there no refuge from strife? Is there no place where two or three can gather in Jesus’ name, to forget for the moment all those things that divide nation from nation and from race to race, to forget human pride, to forget the passions of war, to forget the puzzling problems of industrial strife, and to unite in over flowing gratitude at the foot of the Cross? If there be such a place, then that is the house of God and that is the gate of Heaven.”

The solution they present, of course – now as then in the first Communist uprising – is the redestribution of wealth. Social Religionists are nothing but Marxists in clerical collars.


Pointing out that the “spa” was a whorehouse is as unpopular and inconvenient as pointing out that George Floyd was a violent crackhead self-murdered by Fentanyl, but liberals insist on blaming every evil upon racism. They’ve chosen their narrative, preemptively, of every crisis long before it happens.

Like with George Floyd, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and so many more horrible thugs-turned-martyrs by the devil’s religion de jure, the narrative parades so far behind the facts that once discovered, reality can never catch up to the race march. This, of course, should not surprise us. But what’s particularly terrifying is that the Comintern “Christians” in Big Evangelicalism are pushing the narrative that sincere believers are to blame for this mass shooting.

Although it makes no difference whether most or all the women were whores (they were), the incident is tragic if, for no other reason that 8 souls split hell open. It’s a solemn reminder that our culture is wicked and that prostitutes were murdered should hardly be a shock in a nation that has given God the middle finger. It’s as predictable as crackheads dying in the gutter. It is sad, although not surprising.

Ultimately, this is not the story of a conservative evangelical Christian shooting at Asian ladies because he hated Asian ladies. It’s the story of a wicked man in a wicked culture shooting wicked people, the story of a culture that repeatedly sows in the flesh and reaps it (Galatians 6:8).

There is zero evidence – none, zilch, nada, zero – that the shooting was race-related. It was whore related (and still wrong). Whores shouldn’t get shot at. They should be evangelized, with a concerted effort to determine the difference between sex slaves and willing participants (for the sake of prosecution). Usually, it’s a mix of both.

They would have us believe that this man shot up a whorehouse because he embraced the church’s teaching on gender roles, but didn’t embrace their teaching against shooting up whorehouses.

Again, don’t shoot of whorehouses. Save your ammo for tyrants.


As our dear friends at Reformation Charlotte have pointed out, Big Eva leaders are busy blaming conservative Christians, hereafter simply designated as Christians, for the shooting. This includes Beth Moore and professional victimhood-milker, Rachael Denhollander, whose husband enjoys the full-time job of pimping out his wife as an empathy slave and human shield against insufferable liberalism.

I’m awaiting the day that evangelicals readily admit that what Denhollander, in particular, is doing to the Christian church is as vulgar as what Dr. Larry Nassar did to her. She is molesting holy things.

Denhollander indeed proves her prowess as a gymnast, because the dexterity and flexibility needed to jump through the logical hoops to link teaching on Biblical gender roles with shooting up whore houses is of Olympic proportions. It’s also vile.

She’s not the only one to allege that the man’s religious affiliation with a Founder’s Church (Southern Baptists who affirm the traditional Calvinistic teaching of Southern Baptist founders) has something to do with his murderous qualities.

Both Tisby and Denhollander have been bequeathed their central stage in the Cult of Woke Religion by 9Marx, the ERLC, the Gospel Coalition, and the Cominterns who run those subversive, anti-Christian organizations. And according to these folks, Complementarianism – the position of believers in the religion led by who the Bible calls [insert trigger warning] “patriarchs” – is to blame for this.

Not to be outdone, Jory Micah, the man-hating apostate is calling out faithful men as scapegoats for this shooting.

Let me be clear…there is absolutely nothing in the Holy Bible that would approve of such uncharitable and unfounded accusations toward Christ’s holy church as to blame it for the homicides of those who have darkened its doors.

I can only imagine our critics, if I cared to listen to them (and I do not), cry afoul about this post because it lacks charity. Let the reader be warned: These people are blaming Christians who hold to Biblical gender roles everywhere for a mass shooting, despite an utter lack of evidence tying the two together.

I call names (like Jesus did) but they accuse the brethren of murder without a scintilla of evidence. If you care about the tone of my article, you’re the problem. They are trying to kill us.

I repeat, they are trying to round us up, get us arrested, and ultimately, execute us. They are working for the other team. Consider earlier this week, Tim Keller explicitly blaming Christians for our children being persecuted in the public schools because we haven’t been nice enough to Sodomites.

Why else would The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile (again, a product of Mohler and Dever’s influence and platform-sharing) – who argued that terrorists are not real Muslims – have argued yesterday that this shooter was indeed a real Christian? Literally, the man opined at length whether terrorists are real Muslims but derided people for even asking the question if this man was a real Christian.

None of these are the actions of Christians for the church but are the actions of Satanists against the church. I repeat, they are going to get us rounded up and exterminated to the sound of ‘amens’ in Southern Baptist seminaries.

Now consider the Scripture.

Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God (John 16:2).

Make no mistake about it, this sinister cabal currently in charge of every seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention and all of its entities, The Gospel Coalition, and 9Marx will serve as the devil’s apologists, providing support and a pseudo-theological impetus for our persecution.

These figures of liberal evangelicalism and Woke Religion are, even now, seeking to build a case for our extermination.

4 thoughts on “As Big Eva Blames Christians for Asian Whorehouse Shooting, Be Reminded Of John 16:2

  1. Completely agree. As pressure is applied, and their doctrinal compromising bears fruit, the end game is that they will kill us. Hard for people to imagine. They will think they are offering God a service. Get rid of those fundamentalists, those literalists, those who preach the gospel and expose sin and grind against the culture. Their supreme authority is the culture. They flatter and appease itching ears. Objective truth is cast aside, and it will be their destruction.

    9 The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders,
    10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10

    John ch. 7 and 8 are a precursor.

    19 Has not Moses given you the law? Yet none of you keeps the law. Why do you seek to kill me?”
    20 The crowd answered, “You have a demon! Who is seeking to kill you?” – John 7:19-20
    Their deceitful hearts hate the truth.
    The truth that we are all born in sin. We must repent, forsake our sin and desires and follow Christ, He will save us from the wrath of God, because He has already paid for our sin by dying on the cross, and being raised again offers us eternal life
    Praise God for His salvation!! We have an eternal hope! Come Lord Jesus!!!

  2. Satan is using church leaders to attack the church of Jesus Christ. “Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or the one to come.” – Jesus, the Christ – Matt 12:31-32.
    The church is the bride and body of Christ drawn together and maintained by the Spirit. These fakes in our evangelical leadership are playing a dangerous game with their immortal souls. They may get to a place, or already past it, where repentance is not possible. The Bible speaks of several people whose hearts were hardened and repentance was no longer open to them. See for instance Exod 10:1-2, 1Sam 2:25, Isa 6:10, Matt 13:13-15, Matt 15:13, and other verses. (I’m aware of different exegeses for these verses.)
    It’s Satan’s game to test the leaders and public voices of churches, to cause them to blaspheme the Spirit past the point of no return. Pray for the church and it’s leaders. What they’re doing to themselves is downright scary.

  3. Excellent article. There a bunch of frauds masquerading as Christians in the Church. There are more tares than wheat in supposed leadership positions. Stop listening to these wolves. Read your Bibles and stop being dumb followers of these fools.

  4. Pre-P.S: After writing this email, I realized it was quite emotional (well, it ends of with me mostly calming down). Sorry about that.

    I really dislike the focus on the “these ladies were prostitutes” angle of the story. Let me preface by saying prostitution, as all forms of fornication are, is evil. No doubt about it. Visiting prostitutes is evil and being a prostitute is evil. That being said, this entire story’s *overwhelming* focus on the sins of the victims and incredibly little focus on, you know, the SHOOTING is creepy. Yeah, this time it was semi-brothel institutions that got shot up. In the past few years we’ve also had churches, malls, synagogues, and concerts shot up. Are you going to accuse each and every single one of them for deserving it? Sure, squint hard enough and you’ll see “the church had heretics (probably)”, “the malls had illegals (maybe)”, “the synagogues had false religions (duh)”, “the concerts had… cuss words(???)”. Yeah, for every tragedy you can come up with a grand way of saying “see? They deserve it after all!” If you do that, be careful you don’t walk right into the shoes of the hypocrite, or the people who wonder which parent sinned to make the blind man blind.

    The fact of the matter is, if God wanted to be swift and merciless, all of us have enough sins to throw us into hell’s bonfire forever. We gain that status of “totally depraved and unbearably wicked” as *fetuses*. Are you going to accuse aborted babies of having “deserved it”? I mean, if they deserve hellfire and are only saved through grace, then I guess using your standards, we should talk about the brief flashes of infantile pride, anger, and original sin that course through their “wicked neural pathways” rather than the murderous abortionist who melts their flesh using saline, cuts their limbs off using scissors, and sells their dissected bodies for research and experimentation?

    No. If someone sees an abortion and immediately goes to think about what sin the baby did to deserve it, rather than how wickedness that committed the abortion, that man is frankly insane. Same for a lot of things: home-invasion story that results in dead children? I’m sure you can find “parental disobedience” on their resume. Rape and murder of an innocent jogger? “Hey, she cussed on Wednesday. See! *Karm-* oh, I mean the totally Christian concept of only bad people have bad things happen to them, of course”. A war crime that kills millions? “But they weren’t Christian! I mean, at least 20% of them weren’t! Idolaters being judged, I say.” By that point, just stop having empathy; stop weeping with the weeping, stop loving your neighbor, don’t patch up the wounded roadside Jew. He probably angered God in some way to get robbed!

    Now, this is not to say God does not judge through harsh measures; in fact, it is because we are all deserving of such hard fates — and worse eternal ones — that God can allow this to happen while remaining perfectly good. But if you focus on what the victims DESERVED and not how you should TREAT or GOSPEL to them in the post-event, you’ll end up condemning everyone (except you and your own loved ones, of course, because we’re all quite biased like that). And if you decide NOT to feel or love or even just sympathize with the victims because they “deserved” it, than you sit on the brink of — or maybe well into — hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and wicked judgement every time you sympathize or feel anyone at all. Is the conservative Alabaman mom less deserving of hellfire than, as you like to point out so excruciatingly repeatedly, “Asian wh****s”? What about all those “good”, “normal” “Bible-Belt” Americans who treat God as a sideshow for Sundays, if they treat Him at all? In all likelihood, they deserve *worse* than imported prostitutes and sex slaves who have potentially never heard the Gospel before, and certainly were not soaked in it since childhood only to reject His Lordship for the false idolatry of “I’m a Christian for the cookouts”. Even Sodom and Gomorrah, remember, will have it easier in the end days than THOSE. But is that how you react to every tragedy, assuming you are someone with your share of tragedies? Is this — “idolaters and unbelievers all” — how you reacted to 9/11, or was it, I assume, more of a “avenge the fallen, bomb the Afghanis” type of reaction? Is this how you relate to those who lose their jobs to the “globalism” you so despise — “lazy, slothful, greedy”, or again, do I assume correctly when you say we must “stop the job loss and protect the *innocent* and *hapless* American worker”? Or is your outrage at a crime dependant on whether or not the media assigns the blame to you or your enemy?

    We of course know that the media is smearing Christians through this event; that someone cannot open their Bibles and come to the conclusion to light up a brothel; and of course, that unless we defend ourselves against the smear, we’re going to suffer “bad optics”. But there has to be a better way to call out the smear than to be a judgmental hypocrite. I mean, I think Reformation Charlotte does it well. They of course state the obvious fact that the shooting was committed in a brothel-esque zone, but they don’t *focus* on the fact that the women who died were sex workers. WHY is this your focus? Frankly, truth be told, prostitution isn’t even a crime that warrants judicial execution, even in the OLD Testament! I wholeheartedly agree with it being illegal today — I’m not exactly a libertarian — but to act as if prostitution is worse than “sweet Southern highschool love” (blech) that “good old family-values” Americans idolize, or worse than divorce (40 to 50% of marriages in America!!! Talk about not being able to show any sympathy in future attacks…), or worse than, I don’t know, anything more significant than masturbation really — that’s peak hypocrisy! Frankly speaking, while I hate prostitution for its sexual sin as well as its VAST amounts of manstealing, I don’t see being a prostitute as worse than the fornication Americans take for granted! So why act as if this is the time for finger-wagging and “I told you so”s? A high-school prom going kaput would probably end more fornications than this madman’s shooting!

    Sorry if I’m ranting or raging. I will admit readily that this crime — which I would like to call, and really like you to call, an “evil” btw (because 1.) he murdered people and 2.) if he was a vigilante, then he murdered people who did not commit capital sins under OT law and 3.) the man was, I think, in sex-add therapy himself, so he really is a guy with a 2×4 in his eye trying to blindly grope at anything roughly humanoid in shape to lash out at) — hit me close to home. As my name would lead you to expect, my mother probably looks something like these poor women, and whenever I think about my mother in danger or trouble, a certain rage bubbles to the surface of my heart, Lord forgive me. Also, JD — if you are reading this — your use of certain words [like repeatedly using the word “wh***”, which, I mean, may be biblically accurate if you knew for certain they weren’t manstolen slaves, but is still… I mean, come on man, talk about needlessly aggravating] and comparing them to “crackheads” [drunkards, which frankly also don’t rank that high on the “sins to wag at” scale] kind of aggravates those emotions. Praise the Lord that my mother is well-adjusted to American life and that my family is remarkably physically clean, but is there really a need to compare potentially abducted prostitutes to violent thugs? I know you like to use…. certain… words in P&P (this place is still P&P to me, btw), and I know you have a certain reaction to people not liking those words, and because I’m an anonymous internet user and you’ve been established for a while, I’m not going to convince you to change it in this comment, lol. That being said, to quote our current potentially senile soon-to-be-retiree, come on, man.

    Anyhow, sorry for the rant. My anger burnt out probably midway through this wayyyyy too long email. After getting my point across (what was it again?) I feel weirdly directionless. Was I going somewhere with this? Oh, and lastly: I’d say let’s not assign these 8 women to hell so fast. I mean, statistically, the odds aren’t looking great, but the statistical odds never look great, even for people whose relatives promise “was a good Christian lad”. We don’t know whether or not they came to accept Christ during their time in America — prostitutes were one of Christ’s favorite group to evangelize to — and *if* they came to accept him, it’s possible that they either felt 1.) a moral obligation to continue in service to their “cruel masters” if they were truly enslaved or indebted [aka, was theologically confused on which moral obligation in the Bible comes first, sexual purity or being a good servant]; 2.) were immature in the faith (people don’t go from carnal to JMac in 3 months, lol); 3.) were truly “carnal”, submitting to either worldly greed or worldly fears (I doubt that they were massuer-place prostitutes, mostly I assume working handjobs, because of sexual lust) but still believed in their own wickedness and Christ’s saving promise, and were indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Without family or friends to say one way or the other, and in the highly unorthodox and likely temporary situation they were in, consigning them to hell is unwise. Consigning anybody to hell is really I assume unwise; the Bible has a thief being granted the promise of paradise with, what, a day (of torturous agony too) left to go in his life? God will judge, and God will judge righteously. Let’s leave it to Him and His eternal goodness!

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