Don’t Get Hit By the Door, Beth Moore.

The beginning of my polemics ministry, circa 2010, was as a small-church pastor watching a blonde-haired vixen with 4th-grade level theology lead women astray to follow after her babbling, incoherent emotional platitudes. Little did I know at the time that the wild-eyed bible-bimbo’s influence would only grow in the years to follow.

My first criticism of Moore, in what was my first polemical article ever, was entitled, Beth Moore and Angry Baptist Women. A follow-up to that blog post, now erased in the rebranding of Daily Soap Box as Pulpit & Pen, is still alive in a pdf version of the now-defunct newspaper, Intermountain Christian News.

This newspaper, Intermountain Christian News, is now out of print because of my article. So many Southern Baptist churches canceled their subscriptions to the newspaper that it had to go out of print (albeit its publisher, Dr. Anthony Harper, is still harassing the president from the White House press pool, which is nice).

My article, Beth Moore and Angry Baptist Women, merely pointed out that this sub-par Christiany life coach was a self-aggrandizing twit with the theological acumen of a third-grade United Methodist Sunday School student. I also pointed out, as can be seen above, -“the subtle danger of Beth Moore is that Moore has simply become the pastor of many evangelical women…I realized quickly that hell hath no fury like a Beth Moore fan scorned.

You might wonder what, exactly, an aerobics-instructor turned “preacher” had in her doctrinal resume’ that would provoke such an allegiant following in Christian churches. As time would tell, nothing. Beth Moore had one primary thing going for her, and it clearly was not her ability to teach the Bible. She was chosen, much like the boy bands of early 2000s, to be packaged into a product and sold by Christian kingmakers in the conference and book retail industry.

When you type “Beth Moore” into the Pulpit & Pen search function, you’ll find 253 articles about dumb and/or unbiblical things she has said or done. I know because I counted them myself (see for yourself here).

In each and every single article there was one underlying theme…Beth Moore is not one of us.

We tried desperately to warn the church that Beth Moore is not a Christian. She is not a conservative. She is not, nor has she ever been, a real Southern Baptist. She’s certainly not a Bible teacher. She is an aerobics instructor turned emotionally-pleading life coach. But ultimately, the warning was she is not one of us.

Standing in our way of getting this message to stick were her pimps, the money hustlers at Lifeway who made a living selling her piecemeal like a whore on Beale street. Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer, in particular, lifted their wet pinky in the wind to determine if her crazy rants could be profitable while lifting their middle finger to concerned Southern Baptists, effectively telling us to go to hell if we didn’t like Lifeway’s Cash Cow of Bashan.

But, of course, the heresy peddlers at Lifeway weren’t the only ones. Remember what Russell Moore said when attacking John MacArthur for holding to complementarianism. Moore said, “A Convention that doesn’t have a place for Beth Moore doesn’t have a place for a lot of us.”

Even though Beth Moore’s famously inept attempts at Scripture exposition made her a laughing stock for anyone not personally profiting from her book sales (which were almost certainly written by Lifeway ghostwriters, and only branded with her name and image), with even Danny Akin of Southeastern Seminary calling her stupid on a hot mic, she continued to lead scores of women away from their husbands and pastors and into trite, sophomoric, unbiblical silliness.

But in recent years, the same Evangelical Intelligentsia members that once snickered at her doctrinal ineptness soon heralded her as a Social Justice prophetess in the way of the #MeToo Movement and the Great Awokening that has gutted the SBC of doctrinal seriousness and replaced it with Democrat talking points.

The long, sordid tale of Beth Moore’s incessant downgrade has not shortage of examples. Here are just a few…

Beth Moore says it’s a sin to vote for Donald Trump

Beth Moore claims the entire church is “white supremacist”

Beth Moore claims God gave her direct revelation about a hair brush

Beth Moore affirms lady pastors

Beth Moore attacks the “Billy Graham Rule” as sexist

Beth Moore says Christians who aren’t for “social justice” have “nuts in a jar”

Beth Moore marches around hospital seven times with Christine Caine and anointing oil

Beth Moore says John MacArthur has “wrong Jesus”

Beth Moore attacks Biblical gender roles at conference

Beth Moore softens staff on fagginess

Beth Moore deletes her material calling homosexuality a sin

Beth Moore attacks “doctrinal purity”

Beth Moore makes man get on his knees, apologize on behalf of all men

Beth Moore says God gets her up at 4AM to talk because “he can’t sleep”

That’s just the first page of Pulpit & Pen search results. There are mountains upon mountains of more data.

But in recent days, Beth Moore has left the Southern Baptist Convention, loudly squaking about how “it’s not me,” she says.

No kidding, it’s not her. We’ve been screaming at the top of our lungs it’s not her for a decade. She is one of whom the Scripture speaks…

For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions (2 Timothy 3:6)

She is one of whom the Scripture speaks…

Yet because of false brothers secretly brought in—who slipped in to spy out our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus, so that they might bring us into slavery (Galatians 2:4)

She is of whom the Scripture speaks…

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Matthew 7:15)

Apparently, the insistence of some Southern Baptists to refuse to change their views on lady pastors, homosexuality, and the wrongfulness of wealth redistribution (theft) in the name of “social justice” really bothers the Jezebel.

But why is Beth Moore leaving now? I suspect it’s for the same reason that Dwight McKissic claims to have left the Southern Baptist Convention. They have done all the damage they could do. They took the denomination as far to the left as they could possibly go.

There’s no more reason to pretend, to lie, to mislead Christians that they are now – or ever have been – in agreement with us.

But ultimately, this story isn’t one about some wicked Jezebel hussy who wants to come out in full support of sodomy and lady pastors and can’t do so as long as Lifeway is still a Southern Baptist entity. The real story is about the large swath of Southern Baptist leaders who have given the middle-finger high sign to discernment ministers and chose to put a thumb in the eye of God in stubborn defiance of his warnings.

Those defending Beth Moore’s leftward trajectory until the very end include Erick Erickson, Russell Moore, Albert Mohler and Ligon Duncan, and JD Greear (click on those links to see for yourself). Or consider Russell Moore’s Manchurian Blogger, Dave Miller, calling those who criticize Beth Moore “wolves.”

Might I suggest that none of these men belong in the ranks of conservative evangelicalism, either?

The fact is, it’s absolutely shameful that Beth Moore had to show herself out of the SBC. The SBC should have showed her the door with the left-boot of fellowship a decade ago.

And now, as the Christian mainstream media is pointing out, “scores of women will leave the SBC with her.”

No kidding. That’s the purpose of 2 Timothy 3:6 heretic, leading captive weak women.

This is ultimately about evangelicalism’s stubborn defiance and immense hatred of discernment, and their rejection of this spiritual gift given for the edification of the local church. These men have spurned the Holy Ghost, attacked discerners, and are only now figuring out we were right.

But I’m here to tell you…we told you so. She is not one of us.

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  1. She wasn’t even attending a SBC church and hasn’t for at least 8 years, probably longer. We heard her say at an event that she attended her son-in-law’s church and that’s also listed on her website. It’s a non-denominational church and lists women as pastors on their website. Bayou City Fellowship in Houston. So how was she even claiming to be Southern Baptist?

  2. How right you have been. Oh, that this woman would go do something more beneficial/less harmful to the church, like directing traffic or filling communion trays.

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