Our Daily Bread Host: CRT Opponents Are Guilty Of The Same Things The Reformation Was Opposing

The host of In Pursuit of Jesus has made waves for his support of Critical Race Theory, comparing opponents of CRT to the corrupted Roman Catholic Church during the protestant reformation, and proponents of it to the feisty reformers nailing their theses to the church door in Wittenberg.

Rascool Berry hosts several podcasts for Our Daily Bread, a well-known non-denominational, non-profit organization with staff and volunteers in nearly 40 offices and who distribute more than 60 million resources in 150 countries. Berry is a also pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn and is all-in on Critical Race Theory

In a livestream discussion with Brian Dye and D.A. Horton, he made the following remarks:

When one comes from the vantage point that all that we have in terms of, as a point of emphasis as evangelicals, is all that we should ever have and this has came from on high and our tradition didn’t miss anything, then any attempt to correct or to critique or to say, “Hey, there’s some things that we should be talking about that our churches haven’t historically talked about,” is seen as a bringing in a foreign substance that doesn’t belong.

But the problem is that in doing so, we’re guilty of the same things that the very Reformation was opposing, which was this idea that tradition has as much weight as the scriptures do.

But as I look at the scriptures, I look at the commitment that we see in Micah 6:8 – ‘What does God require of you, O man, but to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly before your God.’ It’s right there. In the text when I look at Isaiah, when I look at all these different passages, Jesus in Luke chapter 4.

It’s all there, but there’s a tendency to want to explain those away and remove that and not to add to the reality or speak to the reality that these things don’t have any place to be talked about in the church.

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