Bethel Church Pastrix Promotes God Healing Through Holy Snoring

A Bethel Church pastrix (because there’s no such thing as a female pastor) who is likely to be a regular feature here due to some never-before-seen idiosyncratic charismatic manifestations, hosted a guest on her ministry page who describes how God healed her after hearing a word from the Lord through her friend’s snoring.

Pastrix Theresa Dedmon, who “birthed” and now heads up and teaches the Kingdom Creative Movement at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) had a guest on to describe the creative way that the Lord heals, encourage and uttering “woooooooow” as she recounts the details.

The guest, Bella, describes how she was sick for years with a fever and throat pain that would flare up every few weeks, resulting in chronic depression because of it.

Then one night, my roommate on a missions trip, she was snoring. And one time she was snoring and I was waking up, the presence of God came in very strong and every snore became like a word, and it was like “chosen,” “love,” “unique,” but then this one sentence came: “believe you are healed.”

Bella explains that later when her friend woke up she apologized for snoring, that she knew that she was snoring in her dream and tried to wake herself up, but a voice appeared in her dream told her NOT to wake up, and instead told her, “It’s the lion of Judah!” She concludes:

After that encounter where I heard the voice of the Lord telling me (through snoring), “you have been healed,” I didn’t get sick every third week anymore. So a huge healing has happened because the word, which we have in the bible, spoke, and it works.

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