John MacArthur on Grace Church Opening ‘We Don’t Want to Kill People’

John MacArthur, speaking on the Falkirk Podcast about the Church being essential, talked about the insanity of California’s COVID response behavior, responded to criticisms that Grace Community Church being open is killing people, and discussed whether or not he would feel personal responsibility if he gave someone COVID-19 and they passed away. The transcript is below, as well as a video uploaded by The Bible Thumping Wingnut.

The whole state of California is deceived about reality. We were in court today and our attorneys presented a statistic to the court that is staggering. The statistic is this: if you’re between the ages of 50 and 64 in California, you have a 1 in 19.1 million chance of dying of COVID, and yet this whole state is locked down in the most severe level, and even though the numbers are dropping they’re not going to let anyone out of that severe level because the flu might come to and mix again and whatever, and so on the statistical basis alone, this is just completely arbitrary.

When we heard about the ridiculous…models coming out of the Imperial College in the UK that millions were going to die, millions were going to die, we said ‘well we don’t want to kill people.’ I mean that’s ridiculous. Even though we don’t think the flu is sovereign, we think people live and die based on the purposes of God, so I’m not trying to spend my life making sure I don’t kill people, I’m trying to spend my life making sure that everybody who’s gonna die hears the gospel. So I’m not in charge of death, and even if I have a bug and somebody got that bug and died, I didn’t kill that person, that is God’s design, that’s for him to decide.

…You have a 1 in 100th of 1% chance of getting COVID in California. So I just say that because we get accused of putting people in danger, when that is the big lie. You know-‘put on your masks and shut-up and do what we tell you’ is the mantra. Our people don’t believe that. And they believe our job is not to prevent people from getting the virus, it’s to prevent people from going to hell, and so we’re going to meet and we have seen just unbelievably incredible resuls.

…Historically speaking we love to make heroes out of people who bucked the power. Those rebels are historic. Martin Luther, John Calvin, whose seminary was called the ‘school of death’ because so many graduates went to France, preached the gospel, and got killed. John Knox who gets thrown in a dungeon. These are all heroes to us until it comes in our lifetime. And we want to identify with these great reformers and puritans who went through the expulsion, you know they threw them all out of their churches. We want to identify with that kind of heroic Christianity until we’re trying to avoid a virus?

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