Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson: ‘Not Voting Makes you a Contributor to Evil – Voting Releases Power of God into the Atmosphere’

Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson, a man who has given so many false “words of knowledge from the Lord” that the prophets of Baal and Asherah are rolling in their graves, burning in incorporeal jealously at why they had to be cut down in the Kishon Valley although Johnson gets off scot-free, has once again turned the providentially mundane into something deeply weird.

Appearing at Todd White’s Lifestyle Church service, the invertebrate pastor touched briefly on politics, bringing some of that California charismatic woo-woo to the state of Texas, saying:

“There are tens of millions of believers who did not vote in the last election, and I’ll tell you why: is because they don’t believe their vote matters. They don’t believe that when you do a natural thing a spiritual power is released.

They actually believe that the world is supposed to get worse and worse and that’s when the Lord comes back, and so why work against that which brings Jesus back to earth? They don’t have an expectation of the glory of God, they have an expectation of the increasing evil, and that would be the sign that brings the Lord back, so why work against the purposes of the Lord?

So they actually become contributors, their silence makes them a contributor to the growing evil in the land.

Physical obedience brings spiritual release. Every time you vote in Jesus’ name’ you release the power of God into the atmosphere. You’re not voting by yourself, there’s an angelic presence with you that is shouting ‘amen’ to voting the value system of heaven. Stop voting for personality, start voting for values.

Refusing to vote for a candidate in either a local, statewide or national election of whatever stripe, political or otherwise, because one’s conscience binds them and prevents them from doing so does not make someone a “contributor to evil.”

Furthermore, God’s power is already everywhere. He is omnipresent and omnipotent. It’s not like people are micro-dosing on God’s power through the power of their vote, releasing puffs of glory clouds into the atmosphere every time they head to the ballot box while celebratory angels dance on the heads of pins at the news that Mrs. Perry has been elected to the board of the Library because you voted the value system of heaven and released a flood of spiritual power.

If the charismatics could stop laying bizarre theological blankets on top of everything, that would be great.


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1 thought on “Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson: ‘Not Voting Makes you a Contributor to Evil – Voting Releases Power of God into the Atmosphere’

  1. I think that’s in First Sambo where it says that voting releases the power of God into the atmosphere – it’s long been one of my favorite passages.

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