Theologically Bankrupt LifeWay Halts Legal Action Against Morally Bankrupt Thom Rainer

The world’s worst organization, LifeWay Christian Resources, has taken a step back from the brink and has put a hold on its breach of contract lawsuit against the winner of the 2018 Worst Christian award, former president Thom Rainer.

LifeWay was suing Rainer for violating his non-compete clause by heading out to enjoy a multi-book, multiyear agreement with rival Tyndale Publishing House while still serving as chief advisory officer for LifeWay. The suit claims this action violated their severance deal, as it would have allegedly given Tyndale a competitive advantage.

Rainer, you’ll recall, won the award for overseeing the existentially egregious empire known as LifeWay Christian Resources, the Southern Baptist Convention publishing arm that has produced, packaged, and sold a deluge of inspiringly awful material; a cornucopia of heretical trash that has run roughshod over the souls of many who turned to their offerings for guidance, wisdom, and sound biblical teaching. Page after page of theological “filthy rags” was produced and pushed under Rainer’s watch, and he made a mint doing it.

One particularly noteworthy act of scumbbagery was with the pushing of “heavenly tourism” books. Rainer was warned in emails that Alex Malarkey was recanting his book, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, but he mocked the messenger and dismissed his concerns and continued to sell the book. When Malarkey’s Open Letter to Lifeway (originally posted on this very news site) made international news, Thom Rainer’s spokesperson at Lifeway lied and said he just heard about the book being fraudulent, and immediately pulled it down. When we released the emails showing Rainer knew much sooner and didn’t care, choosing to profit from the book anyway, Rainer simply said, “No comment.”

In any case, LifeWay has decided to go a different route and seek a resolution with Rainer instead of blindsiding him with a bunch of legal action, a move that would not reflect well on either party. Trustee chairman Todd Fannin acknowledged the change of tactic, saying:

In lieu of moving forward with litigation, both parties are currently exploring the possibility of an agreed-upon resolution of the differences. Our continued prayer is that this will be resolved quickly and amicably.


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5 thoughts on “Theologically Bankrupt LifeWay Halts Legal Action Against Morally Bankrupt Thom Rainer

  1. As a former LifeWay employee, I am thankful that God got me out of there 6 years ago and opened my eyes to finally admit how horrible the company was. I was partnering in their sins of promoting heresy and commercialism by my working there. I feel horrible for selling garbage to people and leading them astray.

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