Charismatic ‘Prophet’ Jeremiah Johnson Plagiarizes J.D Hall’s Imprecatory Post Against Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The self-styled ‘prophet of God’ Jeremiah Johnson was clearly not getting a word from the Lord when he posted “MY OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO THE DEATH OF R.B.G.” on Facebook over the weekend and plagiarized large chunks of his response from Jordan Hall, Publisher of Protestia and Pulpit & Pen.

The post from Johnson, demonstrating another reason why false prophets are not to be trusted to communicate anything that God is supposedly saying, does say some good things that we agree with before it gets to the troublesome parts. He (or perhaps someone else? Who knows if the rest was plagiarized or not) says:

Parts of the American Church have become so lukewarm that they would have tried to comfort Jezebel on a sickbed that GOD himself threw her on! (Rev 2:22) They would have highlighted her accomplishments over the years and found the good in her. They would have found ways to celebrate Hitler and King Herod- all in the name of false justice and an unbiblical definition of love.

That we can agree with and give a ‘yea and amen’, but we see at the end that Johnson has been up to no good with stealing/plagiarizing portions of a message that J.D. Hall gave almost 12 hours earlier.

We’ve included the originals below to show the shenanigans in play

Hall, commenting on the post which now has nearly 5000 comments and 10,000 shares, says:

The fact that Johnson stole it and tried to pass it off as his own is a sin, and a lie, and is a lying sin to his followers and congregation. It’s not like he just tacked it on in a big chunk in the end and forgot to mention where he got it from. Rather, he weaved portions of it in and out of his own thoughts, removing what segments he doesn’t want to say, and showing a deliberate attempt to deceive.

We’ve reached out to the ministry asking for proper attribution and will update this post accordingly.

6 thoughts on “Charismatic ‘Prophet’ Jeremiah Johnson Plagiarizes J.D Hall’s Imprecatory Post Against Ruth Bader Ginsberg

  1. Obviously, JD did some kind of weird time travel thing and copied what Jeremiah had written, as we all know that a prophet of God could never deceive.
    Shame on you, JD.

  2. He has reposted attributing the quote to Jordan Hall-Jordan Hall rightly says,
    “Ruth Bader Ginsburg ruled repeatedly on the side of infanticide, partial-birth infanticide, homosexual ‘marriage’ (and officiated homosexual ‘weddings’), against religious liberties, and saw to it that the Supreme Court stopped dating their documents ‘In the Year of our Lord.’ Ginsburg has now discovered that there is a court higher than the one called ‘Supreme’ and she does not sit in the seat of the judge, but as the defendant.”
    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).”
    “…when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy” (Proverbs 11:10)
    God will repay her according to the deeds she has done!
    -Jeremiah Johnson

  3. wow. i JUST checked the JJ ministries facebook. He has changed his post and added JD Hall. Very interesting that he did not give a formal apology. Keep up the good fight JD

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