Like Clockwork, Scumbag ‘Pastor’ Sam Boyd Starts New Church One Year after Sexual Indiscretions

In a story as old as time, a pastor who has been disqualified from the ministry for gross sexual sins has restored himself and has started a new church barely a year after his fall from grace. This action follows in the trend of Christian ministers rebooting after a short stint in the proverbial doghouse then returning to the acclaim and open arms of gullible Christians without actually repenting of what they did.

We saw this recently with John Crist who was accused of harassing and manipulating young women, “sexting” multiple partners at the same time, committing adultery and fornication, and bribing women with tickets to his shows in exchange for sexual favors. After he was caught and exposed, his apology more or less amounted to the Christian version of “I’m sorry if you were offended by what I did.”

Rather than get handed over to Satan by their congregations for the destruction of their flesh, these men under the judgment of God use this time in Satan’s embrace to feed their flesh and plot ways in which they can make it manifest, maturing it rather than seeing it mortified. Once the 6 months or 9 months or 12 months is up, they find refuge in the arms of stupid Christians who are too spiritually blind to see their unregenerate, vomit-inducing fruit.

This is the case with “Pastor” Sam Boyd, former senior pastor of Forest Hills Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. Boyd was given a holy rebuke and fired from the pastorate in September 2019 for committing fornication and adultery with several with different women in the congregation over a period of years, following the death of his wife of 41 years in 2017. These incidences go back to 2016, but very well may go back further.

The women he has “inappropriate relationships” with are women over whom he was in a position of authority and power. Rather than shepherding his flock, this predatory pastor wanted to see what was under their wool, giving a whole new meaning to the term “getting fleeced.” As a result, the scriptures are clear that his actions have left him permanently disqualified from pastoral ministry, showing himself to be what might graciously be called a “two-fold son of hell.”

But because he can get away with it, Boyd announced barely a year after these shameful events, that he is starting up a new church, writing on his Facebook wall:

There is of no course no mention of the reasons why he’s starting up a new church, or why he left the old one, or the fact that he’s likely still under church discipline, or should still be if biblical protocols were properly practiced.

There’s no mention of the fact that the manner in which he’s starting a church is highly unbiblical, having not been sent as part of a biblical church plant, but rather just conceiving his own dirty, decrepit weed out of the imagination of his mind.

Rather, his website is silent on all those details which are excruciatingly relevant, but he does mention that for this new church, which is no longer associated with the SBC like his previous one was, will be “non-denominational” – and that he wants to “emphasize Biblical priorities and minimize structure and process.” I’m sure he does.

This news, however, was met with great fanfare, a cacophony of joy and effusive praise from his friends and potential parishioners on Facebook, the lot which has been screenshotted here, who are eager for Boyd to get back in the pulpit.

These actions by Boyd and those supporting him have brought reproach on the name of Christ. Anyone who thinks this man should be pastoring a church is out of their mind and need to get down on their knees and repent of such foolish, unbiblical thinking.


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2 thoughts on “Like Clockwork, Scumbag ‘Pastor’ Sam Boyd Starts New Church One Year after Sexual Indiscretions

  1. Apparently tons of filthy sexual debauchery is really good for one’s hair – it’s like a teenager’s!
    Just keep him away from your wife and daughters in case the “waiting, praying, listening, and healing” doesn’t take.

  2. “Friends” elated over this guy starting afresh are not friends, they are goats. He is scriptural disqualified. I speak, as one who has suffered from my best friend/pastor having an affair with my wife 35 years ago. His wife caught her hiding in the shower. He quit pastoring our church the next day telling the elders (myself one) and the congregation (Baptist) that he had to leave the island, his wife could no longer stand living there. He did not tell us what truly had happened.
    The week before He left, on the day his wife was going to leave before him, told him to tell me or she would. I was to meet with him at another church and talk, but instead of him being there, my wife was there. She proceeded to tell me some of what happened. I forgave her, stating that as Christ had forgiven me of such great sins, I forgave her. She did not ask me to forgive her at all. She said the pastor now wanted to speak with me. She went out the door. At that my pastor walked in, walking down the isle, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” I held out my arms, repeated what I had said to my wife, and hugged him. I truly loved them both. He left, I prayed. Then walked out the door, to which my wife was out there on the steps. She proceeded to tell me how she wanted a divorce. I wanted to work on our marriage. She would not have that. She did not return to the church. She pursued the divorce. I said nothing to the elders or to any at the church. I did not want to bring shame on her. As for the pastor, he was gone and , idiot that I am, I foolishly didn’t think anyone needed to know, he was gone, and could harm no one. His mother told me his father was the same way, cheating for years on her, both her and her son knew all this for years and she stayed married to him up to his death (he too was a pastor). She said he had grown up only to be like his father.
    Within days a parishioner told me she was sorry about what had happened. I said what do you mean. She said you know, about your wife and the pastor. I pressed her for an explanation, and she proceeded to tell me how her best friend had an affair with him and wanted to talk with me. We set up a meeting and talked. She told me about what had happened to her. My other friend, she told me that the nurses at the hospital all called him the “wolf”. They knew of affairs. They recognized him for what he truly was. It then dawned on me, that he was NEVER “sorry” at all, he was just sorry that he got caught.
    I knew at that point I had to meet with the elders, then the church, to find out if there were more and to have those who were victims to get counseling through our district churches leaders.
    Come to find out, there were “rumors” at previous churches in our denom. The leaders could not get any sure facts, as no one wanted to come forward in earlier years.
    About 6 months later, a parishioner told me she ran into the pastor in a store in another state. He asked her if she would like to visit his new church there sometime. He mentioned that my ex-wife was also going there (how dumb can you be?… as dumb as me).
    Years later, I remarried. About 5 years ago, my wife said I should look him up. I did. Come to find out, he’s been preaching at a large church of a few hundred for years, has a television ministry, and, married my ex.
    If this man had been scripturally called out by me, my church of that time, the district church leaders, he may never have gone on to dupe other sheep and women.
    People need to speak out on these kind of monsters that prey on women and families. As it is said in the Word, to “hand them over to satan.”
    I still worship and attend church a thousand miles away. I thank God that His grip on me has been mightier than mine.

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