Ravi Zacharias Accused by Former Business Partner of Molesting Spa Employees

A well-known critic of Ravi Zacharias has released a video alleging the famous, since-deceased Christian apologist and author engaged in unwanted sexual behavior and sexual harrassment between him and his staff at businesses he owned, according to allegagtions by three of his past collegeues.

Steven Baughman, a lawyer who runs the well-documented website www. www.raviwatch.com and whose ministry has been chronicling the ups and downs of the well-respected man and ministry for years while using primary source data and original documentation, recounts that Ravi Zacharias was the owner of two different health spas in the 2000’s, despite being wealthy enough as to not need this sort of side hustle.

Highlighting information that was released after Ravi was embroiled in a story that involves emotional affairs, sexting, blackmail, lawsuits and suicide threats, as well as forcing the woman involved to sign a binding non- disclosure agreement (NDA) whereby Zacharia’s estate would come after her if she breached it and spoke of the scandalous interaction they had, Baughman points out that Ravi was adamant and steadfast that he was never alone with women in the same room, following the Billy Graham Rule, and yet these businesses and the services they offered afforded him the opportunity to do just that.

Confirming that he has spoken to both Ravi’s former partner and Jivan Wellness co-founder Anurag Sharma, along with two female former employees, Baughman states: “…based on my recent interview with one of his business partners and with two women who worked in the spas, what he did in those massage rooms was not just sexual, but sexually abusive.”

One of the past employees allegedly told Baughman:

“I had a close relationship with Ravi. He was a sexual pervert. I know of many women he molested. During a particular kind of treatment that did not involve the client removing their lower-body clothing, Ravi exposed himself and asked me to ‘massage around there.’

There is also testimony from Zacharias’s business partner saying that the hypocrisy coming from Ravi of preaching against sexual immorality while himself being sexually immoral with the therapists contributed to the spa being shuttered.

Baughman says that the three witnesses have shared their testimony with a well-known christian leader six-weeks ago, and that his leader has contacted RZIM leadership and urged them to investigate and respond.

We have reached out to RZIM but have not received any response at the time of publishing.

Protestia is in the process of investigating these claims, as these sorts of allegations require serious proof, and having been reached out by involved parties to take a closer look. If anyone has any information to share, either on or off the record, please reach out to us at protestia@outlook.com Confidentiality will be guaranteed.


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12 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias Accused by Former Business Partner of Molesting Spa Employees

  1. If true, this is very troubling and shows that Ravi was, in fact, a sinner, not so unlike literally every other person on the planet.
    Do we (and God) hold teachers to a higher level? Absolutely, and if these reports are true, he definitely should not have been a pastor.

  2. I, too, wish these allegations came to light while Ravi was living. Now, sadly (while not doubting these women) all we have is she said, she said, she said with no defense. The truth may never be known.

    What will it take to hold “godly” men accountable? God help us all.

  3. It’s easy to accuse dead people. Because they can’t defend themselves. But the Lord says, “Vengeance is mine.”, we can just wait and see who the liar are, is it Ravi or his accusers. We will find out, one way or another.

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