Two Speakers Pull out of Gateway Church’s Summer Series, Following Robert Morris’ Revelations, But Tony Evans Is Still In

Two speakers have pulled out as guest speakers at Gateway Church’s upcoming “Let’s Dive In!” summer sermon series, but the most controversial one remains, according to the Christian Post.

Both sketchy televangelist Joyce Meyer and former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson (also a famous brain surgeon), have withdrawn from the series, which brings in prominent guest preachers all throughout the summer.

Whereas Carson was upfront about his reasons for withdrawing, a spokesperson from his organization, American Cornerstone Institute, told the CP: “Given the circumstances, the church asked us to cancel our earlier commitment in order for the healing process to take place. We are praying for their community during this difficult time.” Meyer’s withdrawal is more veiled.

A source close to Meyer, speaking on conditions of anonymity, shared:

“I can confirm that Joyce Meyer has decided to withdraw from teaching at Gateway Church. The ministry has not made any public statements about this matter. But there are many examples readily available of Joyce Meyer strongly condemning all types of abuse and her compassion for survivors.”

Meyer has long documented experiencing sexual abuse at the hands of her own father, revealing a decade ago that she was raped hundreds of times by him.

Notably, Tony Evans, who has temporarily stepped down from his megachurch over an unnamed sin, is still scheduled to speak this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Two Speakers Pull out of Gateway Church’s Summer Series, Following Robert Morris’ Revelations, But Tony Evans Is Still In

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  2. There is no better place for a pedo demon to hide than a church or school…because there they are the least suspected. Big churches are the worst. It is painful and a blight on the name of Christ when these predators are exposed…however, true Christians desire that ALL predators and scammers be exposed and permanently removed from leadership. Scripture DEMANDS private confrontation with an opportunity to leave and with repentance, a return to fellowship…but never a return to leadership. Scripture DEMANDS congregational outing and ouster for those who refuse. There is no biblical excuse for cover up….in fact, it is SIN!

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