Prominent Pro-Life Groups Support RNC’s Pro-Abortion Platform

Republicans just dropped their party platform, and for the first time in 40 years, it does not endorse a national abortion ban. Instead, it parrots Donald Trump’s desire to let the states regulate abortion while at the same time supporting abortions via abortifacient and birth control like Plan B and IVF.

It’s a pro-death train wreck that has left anti-abortion advocates reeling with betrayal and a stark realization that something fundamentally evil has overtaken the Republican party.

Boyce College Professor Denny Burk raged on X that “The Trump campaign has eviscerated the pro-life plank of the GOP platform. – This isn’t conservative. It isn’t pro-life. It isn’t principled. It’s rank capitulation and moving the GOP to the left.” He also wrote in World Magazine:

“The new platform de-commits from any measure to protect the unborn at the federal level. Functionally, the new draft of the Republican platform is pro-abortion at the federal level.”

This sentiment is echoed throughout our feed.

While abortion abolitionists are thoroughly unsurprised by this course of action (even if it is upsetting and vexing, and even if we’ve long ago pledged never to vote for a candidate who supports abortion), they long understood that the GOP has always been weak on abortion and that the biggest barrier to abortion being abolished has been pro-life politicians.

Hence, what is also not surprising is how quickly pro-life groups have capitulated to Trump’s deranged and damaging desires, including Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of SBA Pro-Life America and John Mize, CEO of Americans United for Life, both whom signed a letter in support of the party’s new platform.

These are groups that have consistently opposed abolitionist legislation, and now they’ve gone further.

The Republican party has betrayed the country and pro-life leaders are going along to get along. Reject the pro-life movement. Become an abolitionist.

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4 thoughts on “Prominent Pro-Life Groups Support RNC’s Pro-Abortion Platform

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  2. The most important question should be: “Do we want more abortions or less abortions?”. It may give one a warm fuzzy feeling to be absolutist with regard to voting for republicans but here’s the deal… if you don’t vote or you vote for the other side or vote for an obscure candidate that can’t win because they are absolutist with regard to abortion, you are casting your vote for more abortions. No matter how you spin it, that is the case. Do not get me wrong, Republicans are just as much trash as any other politician but they are the best option out of the two or three bad options we have available.

    Now, here is my thought process. Donald Trump is extremely politically savvy. And with the elimination of Roe as a result of his Supreme Court picks shows, he has made more headway than any politician in history with regard to abortion. It is my guess and belief that he will uphold life issues as president but he must say things to not seem that way so he gets the most votes possible. It is pointless for him to take an absolutist stand if it ensures he does not get elected. And in my estimation the fact that pro life orgs are literally signing on to this is a sign that this is indeed the case. Maybe there have been discussions behind closed doors we are unaware of. If he proclaims to be the most anti-abortion presidential candidate in history but doesn’t win the election, what has been accomplished?

    With all that said, let me reiterate: if you want more abortions, don’t vote. Or, vote for someone you know cannot win just to make yourself feel better. If you want less abortions, you vote for those people most likely to at least not increase the number of abortions. It really is that simple. What exactly is accomplished by being absolutist in your voting on the grounds of abortion if all it does is guarantee more of what you are making that absolutist stand on?

  3. You go ahead and enthusiastically vote for the claim and it is only a claim of the lessor of two evils. Trump and the GOPee can stick it. AmeriKa is demonically wicked on so many levels.

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