Latest ‘He Gets Us’ Campaign Sees ‘They/Thems’ as Victims of Christian Bigotry

(The Dissenter) The “He Gets Us” campaign, a $100 million public relations initiative aimed at rebranding Jesus, has once again proven its penchant for theological folly. This latest installment features an ad proclaiming, “The one who identifies as they/them is your neighbor.” As chronicled at The Dissenter, this campaign persistently distorts Christian principles to fit a modern, leftist agenda—much to the chagrin of conservative Christians who uphold the authority of Scripture. To continue reading, click here.

This article was written and published at the Dissenter.

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6 thoughts on “Latest ‘He Gets Us’ Campaign Sees ‘They/Thems’ as Victims of Christian Bigotry

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  2. So they’re saying “love your neighbor” applies to our treatment of even the LGBTQIA sinners.
    Well, it IS true. Although not in the way that the “He gets us” false teachers mean.

    You don’t “love your neighbor” by letting them rush headlong to destruction.
    As with everyone who is still dead in their trespasses and sins, we need to love them enough to tell them the truth: Unless they repent and believe the Gospel, they will perish in their sins.

    Loving them does not include enabling them, agreeing with their lies about sex/gender, or giving them the green light to groom and psycho-sexually abuse children and the naive.

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