Church Raffles Off AR-15 Rifle For Independence Day Service

The River of Tri-Cities Church in Johnson City, TN, raffled off an AR-15 as part of their Independence Day celebration, with pastor Todd Holmes telling WJHL, “This is just one of the many giveaways that we do here at our church, and I thought it was appropriate since it’s about our nation’s independence and part of our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights.”

The church announced the giveaway on their Facebook page, warning that the transfer of ownership must be done legally, while making open threats to anyone who might disrupt the service.

During the service, Holmes shared that “You couldn’t do this in China, you couldn’t do this in Canada,” and noted that they had raffled off TVs and vehicles during the service before, but that people only cared when it was a gun that was being given away.

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