ELCA Praises and Platforms Lutheran Pastrix Who Attended Pride Parade in the Nude

Living Lutheran is the official and primary publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Founded in 1831, it had a monthly circulation of over 133,000 households in 50 countries, sharing news of the denomination’s activities, institutions, congregations, and synods in paper distribution before going fully digital in 2024.

They recently ran a glowing feature of The Table church in Nashville, TN. Led by ‘pastor’ Dawn Bennet, the magazine praises her for her work in ministering to the LGBTQ community, saying in part:

The Table is the first ELCA congregation in the Southeastern Synod with the specific goal of serving the LGBTQ+ community, Bennett said. “This innovative ministry sought to establish a safe place for the community to discover their belovedness and belongingness within the Christian lens. It is deliberate work, albeit tender work,” she added. “The Table offers an affirming place for all women, particularly our LGBTQ+ identified women, to explore their being and belonging.”

It’s also the first LGBTQ+ Women of the ELCA group, which makes Bennett a trailblazer. But Bennet said she hopes it will not be the only one of its kind. “By God’s grace and our commitment to creating innovative ministry in our future church, to be the first means to also pave the way for others to create this kind of specialized unit to serve their own context,” she said.

We’ve featured Bennett, a self-described bisexual/queer woman, a few times before. Our assessments have always been through a far more critical and appraising lens, both for her ordination service, one of the more bizarre we’ve ever seen, and after she attended the Pride parade topless with body paint and pasties covering her.

For the ELCA, however, frolicking nude or getting ordained surrounded by drag queens are not bugs or disqualifying activities. Rather, they are features. These transgressive acts are valued in their clergy and appreciated by the ELCA’s leadership, and we expect to see her profile within the demonic denomination only get higher and higher.

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6 thoughts on “ELCA Praises and Platforms Lutheran Pastrix Who Attended Pride Parade in the Nude

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  2. The amount of Scripture that must be discarded to justify an individual such as this in the pulpit makes the Bible nearly worthless. Wickedness run amok in a fallen society.

  3. The sinful pride of Sodom reveals itself by the first statement by this non-Christian false prophet: “If I cannot be who I am, fully [a god], then that means God is not who God is fully [a god].” Dawn Bennet is an immoral fraud, pretending to be a follower of Christ, but instead, a child predator, a groomer, and a reprobate that deserves all the shame and ridicule that a wolf in sheep’s clothing twisting scripture to suit her own sinful pursuits deserves. There is a special place in hell for those that twist scripture, let alone a woman in ministry.

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  5. The universal King Jesus Christ informed marriage is for one man and one woman also the great Saint Paul informed same sex sex acts is not natural and unGodly !!. If all humans only participated in same sex sex acts the human race would of died off at it’s start plus all kids whenever possible deserve to have both their mom and dad !. Lutherans should not hate homosexual people but Lutherans should not promote homosexuality !.

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