Gateway Church Denies Multi-Millionaire Pastor Robert Morris Was Paid Severance After Resigning

Leaders at Gateway Church are denying reports that disgraced former head Robert Morris was paid a generous severance following his resignation over allegations that he molested and abused a 12-year-old girl, according to the Christian Post:

Responding to questions from The Christian Post regarding the terms of Morris’ exit from the church on June 18, Lawrence Swicegood, executive director of Gateway Media, tersely told The Christian Post “no” when asked if the megachurch founder had received any kind of severance package.

Not that it really matters. Morris, being a noted prosperity/ word of faith/ health and wealth preacher, is filthy rich, having an estimated net worth of over $100 million. He’s the one churches call to come guest speak when their giving is low and needs to be recharged, such as he did with Willow Creek Church a few years back. He’s not as vulgar as saying, ‘God wants people to be ‘rich,’ but he will soften it with expressions like “blessed” and “prosper,” with his own coffers being the most significant recipient of his constant haranguing.

Besides, the term “severance” itself is technical, and who knows what other financial arrangements they have in place should he ever depart? The bigger question in all this is not whether or not he was being given a severance, but why he was allowed to resign rather than be publicly fired.

The embattled church, considered the largest in America, also recently announced that because “Pastor Robert’s moral failure from more than forty years ago involved a minor,” his “sin and his lack of transparency to the church’s elders and leadership has disqualified him from continuing in his role as senior pastor at Gateway Church and as leader of Pastor Robert Morris Ministries.” As a result, “all future radio and television broadcast ministry from Pastor Robert Morris Ministries has been cancelled.”

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