Queer ELCA Pastrix Ordained With Drag Queen Nuns While Jennifer Knapp Serenades

Two years ago, Dawn Bennett became an ordained ‘pastor’ in the thoroughly apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA,) in what is perhaps the strangest ordination ceremony we’ve ever seen. Bennett, who is a self-described she/her bisexual, queer woman, routinely trades places with Rev. Lura Groen to see who is the worst pastrix in the denomination.

For a long time Groen held the title after advocating for polyamory and premarital sex, but then Bennett attended a Pride parade topless with just body paint covering her breasts, which is difficult to compete with in terms of pure flagrant degeneracy. 

Her explanation is nearly worse:

Be proud of who you are and who God made you to be! And be sure to read UPDATE#3…😭
*****UPDATE#1: I’ve been told there will be blowback from this.
So here’s my response:
If I cannot be who I am, fully, then that means God is not who God is, fully.
And as a child of God, I am who I am BECAUSE God IS who God IS.
Do you know what it is to be CALLED to SERVE a people group who society [largely] does not “approve of?” Do you know what it is come up out of your sidearm theology chair, to come out of your Ivory Tower, to GO to the “fringe,” to BE WITH people who need to know God is REAL, God is LOVE, and God is WITHIN each of us? Do you know what it is to put others ahead of your own vulnerability and to do it with dignity and pride and humility?
Do you know what it is to befriend Jesus and to accept with 100% self-agency that when you do the things today that he did in his day, that he journeys with you every step of the way? I DO.
*****UPDATE #3: If you take offense to this picture it is because YOU HAVE SEXUALIZED ME. I invite you to check YOUR shame, check YOUR vulnerability, and YOUR lack of integrity. There’s nothing sexual about this picture. I am a woman. God made me with the body I have for a purpose. Standing beside Olivia was a decision made in solidarity, as women, as children of God, and as people who experience religious trauma and are in need of healing. I am Olivia’s Pastor and I make no apologies for serving the people I am called to serve. *****Oh! And if you are going to screenshot the pic to try and discredit me, screenshot the post also, lest you discredit yourself in the process.

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Bennett, who ‘pastors’ The Table church in Nashville under the leadership of Bishop Kevin Strickland in the Southeastern Synod, has a long record of LGBTQ and pro-abortion activism, but it is her ordination ceremony that truly is unforgettable.

During her induction into the ELCA, a black choir belted out gospel tunes on one side of the sanctuary. On another, ten drag queens dressed as nuns, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, sat and cheered. These performers are an LGBTQ+ protest group that uses” religious imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance and satirizes issues of gender and morality.”

The lecterns (those who read the scripture for everyone) comprised a “pagan wiccan priest who loves Jesus,” an agnostic best friend, and a gay pastor.

While they took communion, Former CCM star Jennifer Knapp sang some of her “old stuff” over them. Communion occurred while wearing her rainbow-colored sneakers- “holy shoes” that she only wears while she preaches to remind herself of the necessity of radical LGBTQ inclusion.

Her vestments were smattered with rainbow stripes and accessorized with rainbow pins.

She was prayed over and blessed by an assemblage of theologically aligned ELCA-ordained ministers, rejoicing as they laid hands.

Unsurprisingly, following her ordination, her first Easter sermon was not about the resurrection of Jesus, but rather about not being afraid to affirm one’s true, authentic gay/transgender self while praying to “Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Parent,” thanking…” They….for our collective queerness.”

If our audience knows of any worse ordination, or any worse ELCA pastrix, let us know. We’re sure they’re out there.

Editor’s Note. Portions of this article was published at P&P.

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