‘No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper’- Fani Willis Receives Award From Atlanta Church After Testifying On Affair

(Woke Preacher TV) Fani Willis returned to church to accept an award and deliver a brief sermon on the weekend after her court testimony about whether her affair with married lawyer Nathan Wade brought a conflict of interest to her prosecution of former president Donald Trump.

Willis quoted Isaiah 54:17 to describe the motion to disqualify her, due to alleged financial impropriety and perjurous court filings. “The scripture they keep sending me is ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper.’ I need y’all to hear me, though. They did not say the weapons will not form, and that’s the part I didn’t hear until recently.”

Atlanta Berean Church, a Seventh-Day Adventist congregation, hosted Willis this Saturday for nearly 20 minutes of adulation, starting with lead pastor Dr. Sherwin Jack declaring: “She is one of us.”

The church presented Willis with a “Black History Achievement Award,” SDA founder Ellen G. White’s “Conflict Of The Ages” book series, and “beautiful flowers are for you, the beautiful person that you are.”

Finally, the church’s leadership and several other Fulton County elected officials gathered around Fani in prayer, asking “that your power that’s above any other power will reside not just around her but in her” and that “you’ll open up the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing that is so mighty and so bold and so brave and so precise that she could not help but to say, “My help cometh from the Lord.'”

The entirety of this text, headline, video and thumbail were cribbed from Woke Preacher Clips YouTube channel, with permission.

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5 thoughts on “‘No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper’- Fani Willis Receives Award From Atlanta Church After Testifying On Affair

  1. Only God knows the real truth. He is the final judge. Also I think she’s evil in her ways which doesn’t make her a Christian

  2. Awarding a lier and adulterer with an award is so 21st century apostasy.

    Absent repentance, her final destination is sure

  3. The left is a concentration of inverted reality. Leftism is a religion in which all of their beliefs are values are the antithesis of biblical Christianity. They arrived at this not just by continually trafficking in deception, but also by doubling-down on every error, false accusation, and sin.

  4. Funny how the godless suddenly wrap themselves in the Christian faith when caught in their evil schemes. This woman is pathetic.

  5. So fresh upon her public testimony of her sins and without the slightest hint of contrition. Paul spoke about what the church should do with people like this. One of the problems with churches with racist names is that they tend to feel more pull toward the racial modifier than the Christ component of the name. Instead of asking her if she wants to repent, they give her an achievement award? Shame.

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