Nation’s ‘Most Hated Abortion Clinic’ Opens, Killing Babies up to 34 Weeks

A recent New Yorker article, “A Safe Haven For Late Abortions chronicles the day in the life of Partners in Abortion Care, an all-trimester clinic in College Park, Maryland, that many describe as the most hated abortion clinic in the nation. 

Founded in October 2023 by abortionists Dr. Diane Horvath and Morgan Nuzzo, they’ve seen nearly 500 patients since they opened, specializing in late-term abortions up to 34 weeks, or between 7.5-8 months. (Some 34-week old babies can be seen in the gallery below)

Because protesters frequently target the abortuary, the building has been altered to include panic buttons, heavy doors, cameras everywhere, and even shatterproof windows.

Notably, the clinic destroys the myth that “abortion up until birth” isn’t a thing. While the clinic has limited abortions to 34 weeks, many women come in seeking to kill their babies who have progressed beyond that and are turned away. Nuzzo laments that “Turning people away is the worst part of our entire jobs.” 

While some women abort late on account of fetal anomalies, discovering their child to have Down Syndrome or a potentially debilitating disease, Horvath explains that others abort late because the women “have had to assimilate devastating new facts—”like the fact that the person who got them pregnant turns out to be an abuser who beats the shit out of you.”

The article concludes by profiling one woman who simply does not want a baby, seeking to paint a sympathetic picture of a cruel and vicious murderer, and failing miserably.

One woman Shannon photographed, a thirty-six-year-old whom I’ll call Amanda, was seven months along when she came to the clinic. Several years earlier, Amanda had been given a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, and doctors had told her that the condition made it very unlikely that she could conceive without in-vitro fertilization. Because of the aftereffects of recent weight-loss surgery—nausea when she felt too full—she didn’t even consider that she might be pregnant until almost thirty weeks. When a home test came back positive, Amanda was floored. She told me that she’d never wanted kids. She’d been sexually abused as a child, struggled with depression, and was living from paycheck to paycheck; the man with whom she’d gotten pregnant had no interest in a baby. “I was very much not in control of my own life.”

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2 thoughts on “Nation’s ‘Most Hated Abortion Clinic’ Opens, Killing Babies up to 34 Weeks

  1. You want my sympathy? Would you feel enough sympathy for the baby to give the infant up for adoption? Or would your feel more personal satisfaction killing the baby?

  2. She had control of her life when she engaged in copulation.

    Consequences. Murder is not an appropriate response to her sin

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