Breaking! Brian Houston To Announce New Church Plant in Leaked Audio

Disgraced money-grubbing’ heretics Brian and Bobbie Houston are on the brink of announcing the launch of their new church, according to leaked audio obtained by Church Watch Central.

The move comes less than two years after Brian Houston was terminated from his role as head of Hillsong. At the time, it was revealed by church leadership that Houston was accused of committing indiscretions with two women and having a drinking problem, including getting drunk and spending nearly an hour in a woman’s hotel room in 2019, along with being viewed as power hungry and out of control by the church board.

After his termination, it was also revealed that Brian and Bobbie Houston were some of the most irresponsible spendthrifts in the world, with the two frequently spending thousands of dollars on single meals at the exclusive Nobu restaurant, which we covered in Top 10 Most Expensive Meals Brian and Bobbie Houston Expensed to the Church (Number 4 is $2433.38) and would routinely stay in luxury hotels that cost upwards of $13,000 a night. (See other scandals in the endnotes) All these funds come from the sacrificial tithes and offerings of the congregants.

After a malfunction revealed behind-the-scenes audio at his filming location, Houston can be heard rehearsing for their upcoming announcement: the launch of Jesus Followers TV, an online church in collaboration with Revival City Church in Adelaide, Australia.

David Hall of Revival City is providing the technology and infrastructure to build Houston’s online ministry, and in the audio Houston can be heard preparing his pitch for volunteers, as well as rehearsing his messages, which heavily feature requests for monetary support and “provision for the vision.” CWC writes:

“This unintended peek behind the curtain exposed the less-than-authentic strategies employed by the Houston duo, including discussions on when to “hook people” to insert the ‘giving message’ and engineer or edit situations to create a more genuine appearance. What is more disturbing is how they scheduled to film a number of Sunday services in advance to give the illusion that they were genuinely interacting with their audiences, including praying into people’s lives and current situations so God could intervene supernaturally.”

At one point Brian can be overheard asking when they should ask for the offering, before or after, and Bobbie says it should be done at the end and that he needs to make sure to “hook them” so that “people don’t leave” or tune out beforehand. Explaining more of the concept, Brian can be heard saying:

We’re not wanting to just put things on TV, we’re trying to build a community…there are many different ways we can gather and connect as a church.. and so that’s how we see this, this is an online church.

Houston explains that as the church grows, and online watch parties get bigger, he and Bobbie will fly out to visit people in London, New York or Syndey, because “we see that as our congregation, we see that as our church.”

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