Extended Trailer Drops for David Platt Expose

Over ten minutes of footage has been released for an upcoming documentary examining the battle between David Platt and former members of McLean Bible Church.

The trailer features interview clips from McClean members describing leadership and financial deception perpetrated by David Platt, particularly with regard to the church’s undisclosed affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. The trailer also describes Platt teaching Critical Race Theory at McLean, with one interviewee stating, “We have 106 Different nations represented in McLean Bible Church. I’ve been there doing personal security work since 2012. I would take a bullet for anybody in that church, anybody. And you’re going to turn around and say, I’m inherently racist…”

Other interviewees described church members being denied access to financial records and instead being disfellowshipped: “They (Platt and allies) were denying their own members access to the financial records, which reflected those transactions, raised this issue publicly. They (members asking questions) were getting dismissed from the church.”

The trailer and upcoming film appears to be produced by former and possibly current members of McLean Bible Church, but as of this writing we are unable to say for sure. We have previously written about Platt’s wokeism and troubling leadership record, including telling the church that the should be just fine with members who voted for the godless agenda of the Democrat party. Platt has a history of associating with false teachers like Christine Caine and appearing alongside the Revoice crowd.

Watch the trailer for yourself, originally released at therealdavidplatt.com:

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