Prominent SBC Pastor Speaks at Gongshow Conference with Rockstar Prophetess Christine Caine

David Platt’s theology continues to shift from the good kind of radical to the bad, with the Mclean Bible Church pastor appearing at the IF:Gathering 2021 conference alongside charismatic, word of faith prophetess/rockstar demi-goddess Christine Caine. Caine was joined by a host of other speakers of varying repute, from the reasonably sound to the soul-shriekingly terrible. In no particular order, Francis Chan, Jackie Hill Perry, Anne Voskamp, Mike Todd, Eugene Cho, Ellie Holcomb, Latasha Morrison, Anita Phillips, Joni Eareckson Tada, Lysa Terkeusk, Lauren Chandler, and others.

Lest you think Platt is the odd man out, sandwiched between Francis Chan, a man a whisker’s breath away from becoming Roman Catholic and who believes he miraculously healed a whole village without the power of the Holy Spirit, and Anne Voskamp, the murmuring mystic who routinely blurs the line between the worship of God and achieving sexual ecstasy with him, famously describing how she “made love to God,” you’d be wrong.

While Platt is not so flamboyant as those two, the Past President of the International Missions Board has drifted in other ways, from saying that he is part of the problem in promulgating racial injustice on account of his white skin, or telling congregants who “can’t live” with the fact that their church family may be members of the Democratic party, who may vote for them, campaign for them, fundraise for them, and even run for office under their banner, that they should leave the church .

Naturally, the conference is sponsored in part by Lifeway Women, of whom Christine Caine is one of their most prominent authors, right up there with the Big Boss-man herself, Beth Moore.

This is no surprise. As we have thoroughly documented on this news site, Lifeway, the publishing arm of the SBC, routinely sells books by Anti-Trinitarians, Word-Faith and Prosperity teachers, New Age gurus, gay activists, mystics, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholics.

Why should Caine be any different?

Just because she cut her teeth on Hillsong, the Brian Houston-led boondoggle that has the reputation for being among the most immature, Scripturally ignorant, and carnal people in the history of the world to ever call themselves Christians?

Just because she considers Joyce Meyer one of her best friends, chief mentor, and “spiritual mother,” who together hold to the “little god theology” and Word-Faith heresies that – like God – you can create destinies and demand temporal blessings simply by decreeing and declaring them into existence?

Just because she holds to the notion that Jesus died on the cross to give you possessions, wealth, and health, and that it is there for the taking if you have enough faith and confess it positively?

Just because she claims for herself the title of “activist” and fully promotes egalitarianism and Social Justice warrioring, along with founding a network designed to encourage women to become pastors and church eladers?

Just because Caine regularly recalls precise words that she says God has spoken to her, putting herself into the Biblical class of prophet, having supposedly heard direct, divine revelation from God?

We don’t think so. For Lifeway, those characteristics aren’t actually bugs, but features, and the other SBC affiliates who are speaking alongside Platt are just as guilty of enabling and contributing to the platforming of these speakers and spreading their words and theology far and wide.

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2 thoughts on “Prominent SBC Pastor Speaks at Gongshow Conference with Rockstar Prophetess Christine Caine

  1. This grieves me. I loved Platt back in the Birmingham Secret Church years. What happened???

    It seems like the demonic powers in control of DC must get to people there. We’ve seen it clearly with some well meaning politicians, but we see also that they can chew up and spit out even the faithful who come on their property. Maybe we should call it the religion of DCism; among its chief doctrines are compromise and unity at any cost. Christianity syncretized with the prevailing zeitgeist, whatever it may be- BLM marches, charismaticism and prophets/prophetesses, prosperity blab it and grab it, whatever. Unity! The queen of all doctrine.

    I’m moved to pray for the sheep who walked into the DC trap, help snatch them from the fire.

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