Calls to Boycott Target Intensify as they Push Sodomite Propaganda to Children

Retail giant Target is about to get an elbow to the head, financially speaking, as conservative and Christian consumers have rallied to strongly oppose the store’s LGBTQ-themed children’s apparel, books, and accessories.

The recent addition of “tuck-friendly” bathing suits and chest binders for “transgender” children to their collection has ignited a storm of criticism from conservative commentators who rightly argue that the items are inappropriate for young audiences. Among the LGBTQ-themed products being sold by Target and marketed to children are shirts featuring slogans like “live laugh lesbian” and “Queer Queer Queer Queer.” The children’s book section also includes titles that promote gender ideology, such as “Bye Bye Binary” and “The Pronoun Book.”

Conservative pundits wasted no time expressing their outrage and calling for action. Matt Walsh, the host at the Daily Wire, criticized Target for selling chest binders and bathing suits designed for “tucking” for children, correctly pointing out that the retailer had crossed a line worse than previous controversies involving companies like Bud Light. Walsh urged fellow conservatives to consider boycotting Target and emphasized consumers’ influence over corporate decisions.

Similarly, conservative musician Five Times August voiced his displeasure at the prominent display of LGBTQ-themed merchandise in Target stores. Sharing photos of the items for sale, he suggested their positioning was aimed at normalizing these products for young children.

The inclusion of imagery featuring nude adults further intensified concerns among Christian and conservative parents.

As more people become aware of the perversion Target is pushing on children, the call for a boycott of the store grows stronger. It appears that other boycotts have been somewhat effective recently, as in the case of Bud Light. One can only hope that Christians refusing to do business with companies promoting evil will persuade them to repent and promote Biblical values rather than serve Satan.

3 thoughts on “Calls to Boycott Target Intensify as they Push Sodomite Propaganda to Children

  1. These people (Target especially, but Woke-ists overall) HATE biblical Christianity. And they do so under the guise of “love,” “compassion,” “justice,” “equality,” etc.

    The worst part is the fact that millions and millions of self-proclaiming Christ followers are so lacking in discernment, in concern for the truth, and in truth-based love that not only do they not see what is so painfully obvious, they join in on all of this hate and attacks on biblical Christianity.

    1. I agree. It’s one thing for godless companies/organizations to attack Biblical Christianity, but when you see priests, pastors, ministers, et al among the protesters, you realize how seriously (and quickly) evil has infiltrated the faith.

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