Good News Story: Church Of Scotland Membership Cut in Half Since 2000, Attendance Craters

In a bit of good news from the other side of the pond, the Church of Scotland has lost over half its members in the last two decades, and the age of the average congregant is 62 years old, ensuring that soon the denomination will die and be unable to do any more damage among the living.

According to a report crafted by the denomination’s trustees in preparation for the Church’s General Assembly set to take place tomorrow in Edinburgh:

One in every 12 members is an elder – and almost two in five of regular attenders will be elders

The average age of those attending church is 62 years old — so the trends of decline are not likely to change without us taking positive action and addressing the demographic profile

One in three charges are in vacancy whilst across Scotland the size of almost every congregation is shrinking. 

We have well over 1,000 church buildings to cater for this number of people which is simply untenable and unsustainable.

The vast majority of our ministers are over the age of 50 and it is estimated that 40-50% of them could retire in the next 10 years. At our current rate of securing new ministers (20-30 per year including the admission programme) we will have more vacancies than ever before”

Love to see it. For decades the Church of Scotland has been mainstreaming every weird and liberal aberration. They’ve been ordaining women since the late ’60s, fully support LGBTQ beliefs and same-sex “marriage,” and their ministers have a nasty habit of speaking up to defend abortion rights. Given their complete abandonment of the Christian faith, why wouldn’t the news that they’re dying put a smile on our faces and a pep in our step?

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3 thoughts on “Good News Story: Church Of Scotland Membership Cut in Half Since 2000, Attendance Craters

  1. This is what happens when a church and a country reject rightly sworn covenants…National Covenant of 1638 and the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643. Covenants that bind the English speaking world. God has a long memory, and the US is next. The Independents and Baptists of the those days perjured themselves and almost immediately started work on undermining the covenants and the WCF. This leading ultimately to the fierce persecution of the Presbyterian Covenanters….the killing times. Samuel Rutherford and George Gullespie are rolling in their graves. And now look at the SBC…an evangelical wasteland. Even the so “Reformed” Baptists are a bunch of schismatics and civil antinomians. Forget the past and doom yourselves to repeat it.

    1. You are reading way too much into it, this is what happens when a church rejects the Bible and embraces the world. Why bother going to church when they are spouting the same nonsense you see from every other worldly source?

      There are plenty of biblical non-denominational protestant churches that are thriving and growing. They preach Christ crucified and our redemption, not social justice virtue signaling.

      1. And I read history, especially the inspired history of the OT. Apostasy is never some over night happening. It starts years and sometimes centuries before. The Church of Scotland started to slide long ago. I’ll stick to what I see in history.

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