Podcast: Loser Theology?

On this episode of Protestia Tonight for May 16th, 2023, we talk about why premillennialism is not “loser theology” despite what is being claimed by social media theologians. In the PT VIP portion, we talk about how to witness to those who believe they are saved but are not.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Loser Theology?

  1. I would never refer to premillennialism (or dispensationalism) as ‘loser theology.’
    “Junk theology,” yes : )

  2. People who hold to loser theology always whine like losers when the obvious is pointed out. 😉

  3. Being raptured to heaven while everyone else suffers and dies is “loser theology”? Sounds more like winner theology to me.

    1. Sorry, dispensationalist futurism is a relatively recent (turn of the century) fantasy based on seriously flawed exegesis.
      That being said, it doesn’t really matter – God’s plan will unfold as He wishes : )

  4. Hard to call yourselves ‘winners’ when you get hoovered out just when things start to get really bad 🤔

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