Hide It Under a Bushel?!? PCUSA Pastrix Moonlighting as Arizona Democratic Representative Hides Statehouse Lounge Bibles

After Bibles recently began to disappear from the Arizona Capital Statehouse lounge, security cameras were installed in the room to investigate their disappearance. Security footage from the room recently revealed that the culprit is PCUSA Pastrix and Arizona Democratic Rep Stephanie Stahl Hamilton. Security footage shows Stahl-Hamilton removing the Bibles from their place in the room. Security staff was called to locate the missing Bibles, which were hidden under furniture cushions and in a community refrigerator.

Caught red-handed and confronted with the footage, Stahl Hamilton initially refused to admit that she was the culprit. In a subsequent statement, she denied that the removal of the Bible was a serious issue and attributed her behavior to “just a little playful commentary on the separation of church and state”, an idea that she has editorialized in the past. Stahl-Hamilton went on to defend herself on the basis of her position as a pastrix stating, “I am a Presbyterian Minister, so I obviously don’t have a problem with the Bible.”

Stahl Hamilton clearly has a problem with the Bible, as do most leftist PCUSA pastors and pastrixes. In 2022, she traveled to Mexico as part of a pro-abortion delegation to advance the progression of child sacrifice in the country.

When recently asked about her stance on abortion, Stahl Hamilton made clear that she supports the full decriminalization and government support of abortion.

“When it comes to reproductive care and reproductive choice, I believe that everybody should have bodily autonomy, and we won’t quit until we know that abortion and access to abortion is protected.”

Stahl-Hamilton’s campaign platform also includes the “protecting LGBTQ Rights”, which is yeoman’s work amongst the pagan priestesses of the PCUSA. The fact that Stahl-Hamilton supports all of the typical leftist causes that are commonplace in her denomination reveals that she doesn’t have a problem with the use of a standard. She simply doesn’t like the standard found in the Bible and the Christian institutions that maintain Biblical orthodoxy.

Fortunately, 2023 is an election year for Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, who received her appointment to the State House via a 2021 appointment by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. This fall, voters in her district will have the opportunity to send the pastrix home.

6 thoughts on “Hide It Under a Bushel?!? PCUSA Pastrix Moonlighting as Arizona Democratic Representative Hides Statehouse Lounge Bibles

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  2. “I am a Presbyterian Minister, so I obviously don’t have a problem with the Bible.”

    Um, that, and many other things, obviously show she does have a problem with God’s Word. It may be that she just doesn’t realize the totality of her problem.

  3. PC(USA) is right up there with the ECLA and the Episcopalians in proudly displaying their pronouns, rainbow flags, and BLM banners. They are not a biblical denomination. Don’t confuse them with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) which still holds to biblical standards.

    Not all the mainline Protestant denominations are doomed.

    1. I was apparently raised a lot differently than she was. To this day, I won’t even lay anything on top of a Bible, much less put it away somewhere in a drawer. No other books on it. No clutter on it. Nothing goes on top of that book. The rest of the entire house may be in a total mess at a given time, but there will not be anything laying on top of that Bible.

      Putting it under seat cushions, and in refrigerators. I can’t even fathom such disrespect.

  4. Back in the day, weirdos like her would just leave and join the Universal Unitarians. Guess that isn’t necessary anymore

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