Canadian Town Bans Pride Flags On Municipal Property

(blogTO) A rural southwestern Ontario community has voted to exclude Pride flags and all other non-civic flags from being permitted to fly on municipal properties and streetlight poles, and some local residents are furious. 

The new bylaw approved in Norwich, Ont. will only allow flags representing the municipal, provincial, and federal governments to fly on township property, or banners related to the promotion of downtown businesses or downtown beautification. 

The original bylaw was proposed by Coun. John Scholten at a Tuesday night council meeting and specifically targeted Pride and Progress banners. 

“Whether flown together or apart, these [government] flags are all we need to represent the diverse and multicultural citizenship in Norwich Township,” Scholten said. “By flying these flags alone on township property, we can coexist in peace and harmony no matter who we are or what we believe.” … to continue reading click here

This article was written by Kimia Afshar Mehrabi and posted at blogTO

5 thoughts on “Canadian Town Bans Pride Flags On Municipal Property

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