Hillsong Leader Phil Dooley Announces ‘Significant Moment’ to Address ‘Very Serious Allegations’

With Hillsong Church currently being exposed for the mammon-loving cauldron of false teaching and excess that it is, courtesy of the recent Hillsong Trove documenting that leaders were routinely spending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on meals, flights, luxury clothing, and concert tickets, Global Senior Leader Phil Dooley announced during today’s service that they would be having a church-wide meeting on Thursday to discuss the allegations.

Dooley told the audience.

The things that we have been facing, some allegations that are very serious, very concerning. But we want to speak to those and we want to take time to do that appropriately and properly and help you to be well informed about our church and about what we’re doing and where we’re going. It’s going to be dealing with things and talking about things honestly, but it’s also about where we’re going in our future. Because we have a bright future as a church and we’re excited about that.

God stirred a misison in our hearts that we are very clear on, that we’re going after. And so, I would love you to come if you can on Thursday night where I think it is going to be a significant moment for us as we move forward into our future. So that would be 7 p.m. and it’ll be happening here at the hills and a number of our other locations. All right, we ready for the word of God. Come on, let’s stand.

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40 thoughts on “Hillsong Leader Phil Dooley Announces ‘Significant Moment’ to Address ‘Very Serious Allegations’

  1. How this old hippie was put in charge of a significant business defies logic.

    But the upside may be he will run this corrupt organization into the ground more quickly.

    So there’s that 👍

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