Country Music Singer Defies Tennessee Anti-Drag Show Law Using Her Young Son as a Prop

The state of Tennessee recently joined a growing number of conservatively governed states in criminalizing drag queen shows that take place in public or in venues where children could be exposed to the degeneracy of demonic crossdressers. The law carries with it some significant penalties. A first-time offender may be charged with a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a $2,500 fine and a year in jail. Those who break the law a second time will be charged with a Class E felony and face a maximum of six years in jail.

Though one would hope that Tennessee, which is largely populated by conservatives, would applaud their government in taking a strong stand for the truth, a prominent citizen is not thrilled with the new law.

Maren Morris, a country music artist, recently spoke out against this legislation. Morris even went as far as using her young son, who just turned three-years-old, as a prop in her wicked opposition to the bill. Earlier this week, Morris sang at a concert featuring a Nashville drag queen named Alexia Noelle. During the course of this event, the country artist bragged about exposing her son to the group of gender-confused perverts performing at the event. Morris stated:

“I brought my son here earlier today for sound check … and we got to go in the room where all the queens were getting ready and doing their makeup. And he freaked out when he went in there because it’s just magic what drag queens do. There’s wigs everywhere, and the smell of hairspray and wig glue; there’s glitter; everyone’s in a good mood. It’s just like a room of love. And we went back to my dressing room and my son is like, ‘I need the queens!'”

Unsurprisingly, the singer concluded her statement with filthy language, saying, “Yes, “I introduced my son to some drag queens today, so Tennessee, f***ing arrest me!”

One can only hope this deviant and unfit mother will be arrested under Tennessee’s new law. It goes without saying that any woman or man that would expose a child to this type of perversion should face significant consequences.

Country music was once thought of as one of the last holdouts in the entertainment industry that had not been affected by cancerous and demonic liberal ideology. If this was ever true, it certainly is not now. This cult of perversion will come for every facet of society, and it has even corrupted the professing church as we covered Church Encourages Children to bring 5$ Bills to ‘Tip’ Drag Queens Following Sunday Drag Performance and A Convention for ‘Christian DragQueens’? LGBTQ Christians Announce ‘Spiritual DragCon.

It is our prayer that godly men will stand up and protect their children from this wicked ideology, and do as the Proverbs tell us and “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

This article was written Reverend J.W. Baker as a Guest Post for Protestia

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