Todd White Posts Fake Leg-Lengthening Video in 2022

Charismatic evangelist and professional cold-reader and leg-lengthener Todd White has re-upped one of his greatest hits on his website, posting days ago a video of him doing a fake-miracle parlor trick.

For a brief time, many had thought the notorious heretic had repudiated his false beliefs after delivering an emotional sermon where he admitted he was not preaching the full gospel– leaving people to wonder if he’d been saved. We put on our discernment caps and explained this is how we would know he was repentant. Sadly, the next week he demonstrated that he was not. Since then, he claimed that Jesus BECAME child pornography and bestiality on the cross and sampled Aerosmith as a prophetic worship song, showing that he’s just as sketchy as ever.

Leading figures in Christian discernment like Justin Peters and Chris Rosebrough have suggested that Todd White is demon-possessed. We absolutely concur and believe strongly that, along with Kenneth Copeland and Todd Bentley, the extent of demonic possession over this man is more profound and apparent than most.

Unlike the misled youth pastor down at the Assembly of God who might get carried away with old wives’ tales of the goofy-miraculous, White is not an ordinary charismatic. White engages in parlor trickery that must be learned, practiced, and honed. His leg-lengthening stunts, his mentalism and cold-readings, and his street-level “healings” are all tricks learned and mastered by secular magicians. He has not just ignorantly bought into a Sid-Roth-Style charismaticism; he has had 100% knowledge that the tricks he regularly employs to make him famous are manufactured and manipulative.

When Todd White walks up to a person with a limp and says, “The Spirit tells me you have a hurt ankle,” and then rubs his hands together violently (to create heat from friction) and then “lays hands” on the cripple’s skin he 100% knows what he’s doing when he then asks, “Does it feel warm? It’s working! It’s working!” and claims a miracle took place.

In the case of leg lengthening, White claims that someone’s in some pain on account of their legs being different lengths, and he can fix it by having them grow. He has them sit in a chair and shows them the discrepancy, flashing the camera a closeup to prove his point. However, the con has already begun because of the way and angle he holds the legs in the first place. White then manipulates the leg, ankle, hip, and shoe, saying spiritual words and pleading ‘in Jesus name’ while pulling, tweaking, and rotating until voila, healing! The leg has been regrown.

In short, Todd White is the worst of tricksters and miracle-hustlers. His career has been to dupe religious types and gullible people into believing he is sincere, and he does it over an dover again.

h/t Brother John Elving

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