Immodest? Megachurch Pastor Mike Todd AGAIN Preaches in Shirt Ft. Wife

Pastor Michael Todd leads Transformation Church. He is known for crowd surfing during his church’s worship service and spending a lot of money. In the last two years, he’s given away $3,500,000 in houses, cash, and cars, spent $65,000 to buy 168 pairs of shoes, gave $600,000 in “reparations,” and purchased $66,000,000 in real estate.

He’s also known for preaching some good old-fashioned modalism, giving the world perhaps the grossest illustration in church after he snorted and then hocked a loogie full of spit and snot into his hand and rubbed it in another man’s face and claiming his church had 75k salvations in the last 18 months
even though they barely grew.

A month ago, as part of his sermon illustration, he wore a shirt of his wife in a bathing suit with the caption ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ giving the congregation and the hundreds of thousands of people who stream his service an upfront look at her in a two-piece. He would later have ‘mean comments’ overlayed across his stream, reinforcing his point (the pop-ups are part of the church feed) that he should just ignore the comments.

Todd explained his justification for wearing the outfit, incredulous that these prudes would dare be offended by his shirt.

Today, there’ll be comments about the sermon. People will comment good things, people will comment bad things. They will be mad because I had a picture of my wife on my shirt in a bathing suit.

‘How’s a pastor gonna get up there tempting everybody?’

But if you go on Forever 21, right now, your daughter has on a shirt with somebody they don’t know, in a bathing suit right now, and you- I love her and she wears bathing suits. Gasp! First Ladies wear bathing suits. Oh my God.

I’m so done with church people.

At the time we thought it was a one-off, but apparently it wasn’t the first time. Rather, this demonstrates a pattern of behavior of wanting to exhibit his wife. Last year during his Let God Rewrite Your List – Modern Romance series, Todd preached a sermon in a shirt featuring his wife wearing a strapless, low-cut dress that might generously be described as immodest, giving the 150,000 people watching his sermons an eyeful.

It is strange behavior for a pastor to be doing- but then again Todd was disqualified from being a pastor a long time ago.

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