MUST-WATCH EXPOSE’: SBC’s ERLC & Pro-Life Movement’s Compromise & Hypocrisy

The team at Apologia Studios have put together an exposé detailing the hypocrisy of the Southern Baptist Convention and their leaders surrounding the events of May 12, 2022, when Louisiana lawmakers advanced a historic bill that would not only criminalize abortion but classify it as a homicide, the Pro-Life Machine stepped in and drafted a letter signed by 70 of their organizations, including the ERLC, to kill the bill and declare they do not support it.

This was the first actual abolition bill to pass committee in any state in the nation so far, and the politicians were getting pressure all week from pro-life groups. Still, the bill’s fate was sealed when earlier in the day, over 70 ‘pro-life groups’ like National Right to Life and their state subsidiaries, along with the ERLC, released an open letter opposing the bill, disparaging it for going too far in its efforts to abolish abortion.

The ERLC was ideologically joined with far-left women’s rights groups and Planned Parenthood, the apex predator of the baby-killing world. This lobbying arm of the SBC opposed the bill and declared unequivocally that they could not support it. Planned Parenthood was pressuring its supporters to defeat the bill, and The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission was doing the exact same thing, both pushing from different sides to attain the same goal, despite the SBC passing a resolution at last year’s convention to seek to abolish abortion. But politicians who previously championed the bill were now voting against it.


This video explains why, and how it all came together.

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