Creflo Dollar Repents of False Teaching? “Throw Away Every Book, Every Tape I Ever Did on the Subject of Tithing”

Creflo Dollar is one of the most infamous and successful prosperity preachers to have ever lived, joining such men as Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland as the trio of arch-heretics most responsible for exporting the false prosperity gospel throughout the world.

A televangelist and pastor of the 30,000-member World Changers Church International (WCCI) in Atlanta, he’s known for his wealth and extravagant lifestyle, owning several multi-million dollar homes, expensive luxury cars, being a proponent of “little gods’ theology, and making headlines back in 2015 when he asked followers and supporters to fund his purchase of a $65,000,000 private jet. A best-selling author, he’s also known for his broad reach, with his Changing your World broadcast ministry going out to nearly every country on earth, garnering millions of followers and listeners.

Known for browbeating his audience about the importance of following the Old Testament tithes and giving money to his ministry, Challies explains his teaching:

“The way prosperity is activated is by the planting of seeds, so that the person who wants financial prosperity must plant a seed of financial prosperity. Needless to say, such seeds are usually through a donation to a ministry like Dollar’s.

You can say, “Oh, God, I need money! The rent is due. The baby needs shoes. And what about my breakthrough?” But if you haven’t sown financial seed, how can you expect a financial harvest?

If you wanted to grow apples, would you plant cucumber seeds or pumpkin seeds? You would not! So why do people expect to receive financial increase when they purposely plant anything and everything but what is needed? They will plant hope seed, shout seed, dance seed, and even “claim it” seed! All of these are good things, but alone and without the appropriate seed, they are unproductive.”

During the June 26, 2022 ‘The Great Misunderstanding’ sermon, Creflo revealed to a shook crowd that he’s had a change in beliefs, repudiating his former understanding scripture and giving a half-decent presentation.

I want to start off by saying to you that I’m still growing, and that the teachings that I’ve shared in times past on the subject of tithing were not correct. And today I stand in humility to correct some things that I’ve taught for years and believed for years, but could never under understand it clearly, because I had not yet been confronted with the gospel of grace, which has made the difference.

I won’t apologize because if it wasn’t for me going down that route, I would have never ended up where I am right now. But I will say that I have no shame at all, at saying to you, ‘throw away every book, every tape, and every video I ever did on the subject of tithing, unless it lines up with this’. I’ve done some corrective teaching in Atlanta last 10 years, but not to the degree of what we’re getting ready to do now.

So why is this important? Because religion is sustained by two factors, fear and guilt. And if there’s one subject that the church has used, for a long time, to keep people in fear and guilt, it is in that subject of tithing, and it has to be corrected, and it’s got to be corrected now. I may lose some friends, preachers may not ever invite me no more, but I think I already been through that, so it doesn’t matter.”

He goes on to explain that “Tithing is an Old Testament concept” and that “nowhere after the death of Jesus, there’s nowhere (that) commands…or even recommends that Christians submit to a legalistic type of system. The New Testament nowhere designates a percentage of income.”

I want you to get to a particular place where you understand that he is not requiring New Testament believers to operate in the Old Testament system of tithing, which included a blessing and a curse. If you’re under grace, Jesus took the curse away, and you already blessed.

Alright now watch this. The New Testament talks about the importance and the benefits of giving, that’s what it talks about. We are to give as we are able. And sometimes that means giving more than 10%. Sometimes that means giving less. It all depends on the ability of the Christian and the needs of the Body of Christ.

So every Christian should diligently pray and seek God’s wisdom in the matters of participating on how much you should give. That’s the whole point. We’re Christians now, under the grace of God, we have a relationship with God. We need to be talking to God about giving us wisdom in our giving.

Creflo says he won’t apologize for his false teaching and fleecing the flock for decades because it brought to “where he is now” but that is little comfort for all his victims who bought into his lies and wretched exegesis. If Dollar were truly repentant, he’d quit the ministry and repudiate all his false teachings, being thoroughly, thoroughly disqualified.

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11 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Repents of False Teaching? “Throw Away Every Book, Every Tape I Ever Did on the Subject of Tithing”

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  1. It is quite alarming that a ‘pastor’ of so many years’ standing could claim that he “had not yet been confronted with the gospel of grace” for these many years. So what has he been preaching? And what is the fate of his millions of followers?

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    2. There is only a handful of preachers that actively preach the gospel of grace. Joseph Prince being one of them, besides Creflo Dollar. Other preachers do not concentrate on it like they do. That is what he meant. Only the Holy Spirit can lead a preacher in that direction. I believe that that is what happened. Please stop judging.

  2. It’s about time the false teachers prosperity at that needs to fall flat in their faces dong think GoD won’t take care of this eventually!

  3. At least its a start. Now he needs to give back the billions he has taken in by false pretences to his 3 or 4 followers.

  4. It is not Creflo Dollars fault that all these people are deceived. He was telling them what they wanted to hear. He sinned greatly. But the people do not know the word of God and want to be told a money story.

  5. It’s pride when anyone says they will not give an apology for doing you wrong. If he’s truly repentant he will sell what he has and either give it back to the people he took it from or if the church agrees, give it to the poor. He needs to do his first works over and he needs to bring fruits of repentance, just like John the Baptist said to the religious who came to him. He also needs to go back to modest living. He needs to read Acts about how people of God lived. Pray for true repentance for all these false teachers who’ve fleeced their flocks.

  6. Be very careful about judging people. I do not know if there is another preacher out there that does not expect there congregation to tithe. Do you? He gives a lot of money away, including cars and houses. I believe that God blesses him because of it. You just cannot outgive God. God does want His children to prosper and have more than enough, so that they can bless others with it. Search your heart while you seek the will of God and stop condemning people just because they have what you want.

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