Presbyterian Church (USA) Declares Israel to be an ‘Apartheid State’

During the denomination’s 225th General Assembly, by a blowout vote of 28-3, the PCUSA’s Committee on International Engagement passed a resolution proclaiming Israel to be an apartheid state. They declared May 15 to be “Palestinian Nakba Remembrance Day,” a day when progressive Presbyterians ought to engage in “lifting prayer for peace, giving solidarity for those suffering under occupation.”

It’s familiar territory for the USA’s largest Presbyterian denomination, who is in embroiled in an eternal battle with the the ELCA and United Methodist Church to see who hates Jesus more and who can make the wokest statements possible.

The text reads:

(The PCUSA) Recognize(s) that the government of Israel’s laws, policies, and practices regarding the Palestinian people fulfill the international legal definition of apartheid. Apartheid is legally defined as inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them.

Specifically, the document draws a comparison to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Apartheid in South Africa between the 1950s-1990s, when non-white South Africans were denied many fundamental human rights and where there was:

“serious injustice, widespread suffering, and major human rights abuses … because of apartheid laws, practices, and policies that established a preferential legal status and material privileges to one group of people based on their identity while discriminating against another group based on their inferior status.”

In a comment made by the Anti-Defamation League, they “condemn the PCUSA’s International Engagement Committee passage of a resolution that falsely labels Israel as an apartheid state and compares Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Holocaust.” Furthermore, they suggest that “the resolution’s demonizing language only serves to drive a wedge between PCUSA and the Jewish community, and does nothing constructive to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians. We strongly urge PCUSA commissioners to reject this resolution.”

It’s not the first time the PCUSA has swung at Israel. Earlier in the year, the head of the damned denomination, J. Herbert Nelson II, released a statement saying that “continued occupation in Palestine/Israel is 21st-century slavery and should be abolished immediately.”

25 thoughts on “Presbyterian Church (USA) Declares Israel to be an ‘Apartheid State’

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  1. When God instructed the Jewish nation to slaughter every last one of them… every man, woman and child, and they didn’t do it, they were told about the ongoing consequences of leaving this people within their land in all generations until this time.

    Knowing PCUSA, they’ve likely just allegorized all of that into oblivion as they follow the traditions of the Roman catholic church in this regard.

    Can’t exactly give equal power status to a people who’s stated political and religious goal is to exterminate you.

    The concern PCUSA members should have is the fact that this statement puts their denomination in direct opposition to God and His Word. Not a good position to be in, and God is unlikely to except the excuse that they successfully explained away the instructions of God to his Church through the creative use of allegory.

    1. Correction: …the instructions of God to his Church regarding the nation of Israel through the creative use of allegory. Those who are against Israel, He is against. Allegorize at your own peril.

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      2. @Paul
        “Those who are against Israel, He is against.”

        Then why did God allow Rome to destroy the Temple and kill/enslave many Jews?

        1. That is the history of Israel. That was nothing compared to what God allowed through the Babylonians. Blessings and cursing have been their lot.

          God has a purpose in all things. It is all spelled out throughout the Bible. The Jewish people who have not had their “veil” removed continue in blindness and do not see the fulfillment of the prophecies that are recorded throughout the New Testament, and unveiling of future prophecy that correlates with the prophecy of the Hebrew writings.

    2. I thought of the same thing. Thousands of years of paying the price for not doing what God instructed them to do.

  2. If Israel murders Palestinian babies in the womb with Hellfire missiles, will you guys support it?

    Zionism is demonic.

    1. That is a statement that comes directly from replacing the plain meaning of the word of God with the traditions of men. Jesus spoke directly against doing this, and yet many within the Church today do this exact same thing.

      The fear of God is of secondary concern compared to upholding the traditions of men… brought to us by Augustine and the Roman Catholic Church. This is shameful PCUSA… and to those repeating their talking points.

  3. Israel is a tiny speck in a sea of Muslim countries. Yet somehow in the deranged, lunatic, God-hating “progressive” mind, Israel is the oppressor.

    Meanwhile, Christians and Jews are being hunted down, targeted, imprisoned, and killed in many countries around the world, but for some strange reason we don’t hear a peep about “apartheid” in those countries.

  4. You don’t have to be a member of a liberal church to believe that the modern nation state of Israel is a political contrivance and even if you do not believe in replacement theology and instead hold to some kind of dispensational belief where God has an eschatological plan for Abraham’s physical descendants, there’s nothing that says that the current state of Israel is the way in which He will fulfill His plan.

    1. “there’s nothing that says that the current state of Israel is the way in which He will fulfill His plan.”

      Significant and specific alignment with biblical prophecy is definitely something and far removed from “nothing”. Only God knows with any certainty, but the fulfillment through the events over the past 80 years, and especially the past few years, is all completely lining up with biblical prophecy. Some things are yet to happen, but everything is indeed coalescing to a point to speak of the times and the seasons spoken of in Scripture.

      Israel is in the perfect state of unbelief and worldwide political vilification for 2/3s of them to be killed and annihilated and 1/3 to accept Yeshua as the Messiah… as has been spelled out in Scripture.

      Of course that comes after the rapture of the Church.

      1. There isn’t going to be a “rapture of the Church.” That was made up by a cult leader in the 19th century.

        1. “For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first; then we who are alive who remain will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and thus we will always be with the Lord.” (1 Thess. 4:16-17)

          The words “caught up” translates the Greek word ἁρπάζω (harpazō), which merely means to catch, snatch or take away. Our word rapture is based on the Latin translation of that word, raptus. A word that, as you said, gained popular usage in the 19th century.

          To claim that using the Latin form of a word rather than its Greek or English equivalent equates to something “made up by a cult leader” demonstrates ignorance of reality, history, and the biblical text.

          This isn’t the only Scripture verse that aligns with this concept. It’s the most explicit one, but many others also align with the concept of us being “snatched up” at that time as well. This was also the expectation of the Apostles and many within the early Church.

          1. For 1800 years, nobody in the history of Christianity believed the Church would be taken into heaven before a 7-year Tribulation, or that Christ would return twice.

          2. John, about that 1800 years, that is historically very inaccurate. The Scripture points to this reality if taken literally, which was a common approach in the early Church. Does Polycarp ring a bell? Allegory was common in pagan culture at the time related to spiritualizing things to a “higher meaning” rather than the literal interpretations of things. This was then incorporated into Jewish explanations of things, and also entered the Church through the premise of “enlightenment”. Augustine then popularized it and it then became standard in the Roman Catholic Church a little before 300 ad. Excommunications and executions for those who didn’t teach the allegorical approach, and no access to the Bible by non-clergy kept the literal understanding buried for quite some time… which was the case with many other theological truths as well until after the Bible became available to the common man around the time of the protestant reformation.

            It is clear through some of what the Apostles said that they held to a literal view, which was after Jesus “opened their minds” to the Scriptures. It is also quite apparent that Clement held to the literal view as well (80ad).

  5. Wait, do you lunatics really think that defying a demand from a deity to commit genocide is a bad thing… and that people existing in an area in which they’ve lived for many generations… is a punishment by god? Are you people insane? Do you realize how blood thirsty, bigoted, and cruel you sound?

    1. We’re just dealing with the text of Scripture and the historical realities of thousands of years ago, and the generations of people from then until our current day… and of course the prophecy about things that were and are to take place that are written down in the Bible.

      The point being that Israel was recreated as a nation by essentially the nations of the world declaring eminent domain over the land to purchase it from the previous land-owners and occupants to recreate a state of Israel as a place to put all of the Jews after the war. It was mostly an undeveloped wasteland, but the Jewish people developed it. The surrounding Arab and Muslim nations encouraged the transient among their own people to amass around the borders of this new Jewish state in preparation to take that land by force.

      That didn’t happen, so those amassed transient people that arrived from all over the Arab world who wanted to create something known as Palestine linger in the area until this day. That varied group of people that gathered together for that supposed purpose long ago are now what are called palestinians. Of course there is no such thing as Palestinians except for this conquest movement of people that had all gathered together for one purpose. They were not backed up by the countries that encouraged them to gather there, and those countries encourage them to remain rather than returning.

      Many of those who gathered are related to the Cananites that God instructed the Jewish people to completely annihilate thousands of years ago. When they didn’t kill all of them, the Jewish people were told that they would continue to be a dramatic problem for them until this day. That reality has been fulfilled… repeatedly.

      It seems a bit odd for an atheist to interject into historical religious and theological issues. God told the Jewish people to wipe out and destroy other groups of people thousands of years ago. Muhammad told his people to slaughter millions of people over a thousand years ago. The Jewish people in Israel are being as gracious as possible at this point in history while also not putting themselves in a position for annihilation from enormous numbers of avowed terrorists in their midst that are intent on their complete annihilation.

      Obviously historical reality has a place in the discussion.

  6. Wait, do you lunatics really think that defying a demand from a deity, thousands of years ago, to commit genocide is a bad thing… and that people existing in an area in which they’ve lived for many generations… is a punishment by god? Are you people insane? Do you realize how blood thirsty, bigoted, and cruel you sound?

  7. From what I have heard, the South Africans who actually lived in Apartheid are generally not impressed by the wokies using a term that they know less than nothing about.

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