Marvel Introducing Gay Spider-Man With a ‘Fearlessly Femme Identity’

Marvel has revealed upcoming plans for a “Fearlessly Femme” gay Spider- Man, accoriding to writer and editor Steve Fox helped, writing on Twitter before he made his tweets protected.

“Surprise: I had the huge gay honour of helping to co-create Web-Weaver, who’ll make his debut in Edge of the Spider-verse this September!”

“Something I realised immediately when conceiving Web-Weaver is that he can’t – and shouldn’t – represent ALL gay men,” Fox said. “No single character can,

His fearlessly femme identity is central to who he is, but it’s not the STORY… Which you can experience for yourself in September.”

Appearing on Edge of the Spider Verse #5, we get a new origin story with “A not-so-mild mannered fashion designer at Van Dyne gets spider powers and shows us a very different kind of Spider-Slayer.”

It’s not surprising, as every thing is gay now

In 2015 Batman’s on/off-again love interest Catwoman was written into being bisexual. Batwoman was shown to be a lesbian in 2006. Characters like BluebirdBarbara Kean, and Tabitha Galavan have been written as bisexual, and several Batman villains like the Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Joker, and Harley Quinn have also been in LGBTQ story lines and depicted as bisexual.

Just last year alone, in 2021, the new Superman, Jon Kent, came out as gay in Son of Kal-El #4. Batman’s sidekick Robin came out as bisexual and went on a date with another boy in Batman: Urban Legends” Number 5. In Future State: Justice League” writers introduced a non-binary Flash. We also saw The Green Lantern comes out as gay in Infinite Frontier” #0. Captain America has a gay variant in “The United States of Captain America” miniseries and Disney+ confirmed Loki was bisexual in the Tv series Loki.

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7 thoughts on “Marvel Introducing Gay Spider-Man With a ‘Fearlessly Femme Identity’

  1. The only thing missing in this nation is sodomites going after Gods holy angels. I am exhausted with the homosexual rhetoric being forced down our throats 24/7. Im also very tired of the reprobate left trying to sensor me online because I will not submit to their lies that homo sexuality is not spiritual sickness and mental illness, it is not a sin, it is not unnatural , and it is not a choice! I will never conform to the world! Let God have all the glory. Selah~

    I am fighting twitter suspending my account ( that I only had for about 2 weeks) because I responded to a 16 yr gay kid old last week who said he is gay because of chemicals in his moms womb. Thus far; twitter has yet to answer my appeal. I was in the middle of posting a second time with the gospel of Christ to that kid when I am kicked out with the message from the leftist tyrants. There is no religious freedom or 1st amendment rights on twitter. None.

    “Your sin is spiritual. Idk where you picked up the “chem” stuff but its ridiculous. You chose to be a sodomite despite knowing in your heart that it is unnatural . God did not create you to be a sodomite Your mental illness is a result of indoctrination in the schools.

    I think that soon the rounding up of Gods elect will ensue. It cant be that far off. Our nation is unimaginably wicked and perverse.

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  3. If they are truly supportive of the gay agenda and its lists of demands then turn the original character gay. Don’t hesitate or resist. Make Spider Man as gay as possible. They won’t because this gay fixation will not last, it’s fated to die out and they can’t afford to lose the original character when they finally happens. Talk about lack of faith. Being gay is like the disco trend. Here for a while, gone tomorrow when another fad surfaces.

    1. Unfortunately, your opinion is not based on the word of God nor do the statistics match your uninformed opinion. . The depravity is increasing and it is far from being a fad or trend.

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