Crisis Pregnancy Center Set on Fire by Pro-Choice Terrorists

In what will prove to be just one in a long line of attacks on churches and crisis pregnancy centers, Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Center in Longmont, Colorado, was attacked and set on fire and vandalized yesterday morning, with the building sustaining fire and heavy smoke damage.

Along with the attempts to burn down the building, the arsonists spray-painted the threat “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you,” which is the slogan of the far-left extremist group Jane’s Revenge as part of their “Night of Rage” mantra.

Similarly, Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Virginia was also damaged and vandalized, with the culprits smashing windows and spray painting similar slogans on the building.

Jane’s Revenge is a militant terror group formed immediately following the May 2022 SCOTUS leak and has claimed responsibility for a host of firebombing and acts of violence across the country, mainly targeting crisis pregnancy centers. The name is believed to come from the Jane Collective, an underground movement providing illegal abortions to women in Chicago in the 1970s before abortion was legalized.

11 thoughts on “Crisis Pregnancy Center Set on Fire by Pro-Choice Terrorists

  1. as a jew who can give birth i have a religious right to access abortion. what about my freedom of religion?

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  2. I call bullcrap. This has way too many historical influences that only someone obsessed with abortion would remember and that means a pro-life because those who are pro-choice don’t obsess and scream bloody murder and young women making a personal choice that is none of you jerks’ business. Don’t like abortion don’t get one idiot. Also oh F-ing no some graffiti and minimal damage not that you’d ever firebomb a clinic assassinate doctors throw acid on staff and patients for years and years, oh wait that was you pro-life, hah, hypocrites religious freaks. This is not a christian nation it is one that’s founders very clearly wanted to have a secular society based on reason, not superstition and make-believe friends in the sky. The American conservative christian is the least christian acting people if you base their beliefs on their hateful actions that one must ever tolerate, pushing their bs on everyone around feigning persecution while hoping for the end of the world. What assh0l3s. You will lose this fight and you’ll do to yourself because if you want to know why people are leaving the church as fast as they can you only need to consult a mirror.

    1. Please provide the place where I can read about “lso oh F-ing no some graffiti and minimal damage not that you’d ever firebomb a clinic assassinate doctors throw acid on staff and patients for years and years” And you might try taking an English grammar class.

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    2. Morty Piperson is advocating domestic terrorism. Arrest this coup plotter as a threat to are democracy

    3. Thank you Morty Piperson for asserting that the USA was not founded as a Christian nation. This must mean that negative aspects of the USA such as the destruction and displacement of Native Americans, and the enslavement of black Africans are the product, intent and result of a non-Christian society.
      Don’t like pro-lifers? Simply don’t join one. Anything else they do is none of your business.
      If women making a personal choice about pregnancy is no one else’s business, why then was infamous octomom Nadya Suleman (remember, she made the standout reproductive choice in recent history by deliberately having 8 IVF children all at once) allowed to be the subject of so much public ridicule and mockery by modern society?

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