Statement on the Disqualification of JD Hall

The following statement is to announce the removal of pastor JD Hall from ministerial association with Protestia.

Update. The church has provided a statement. Please pray for wisdom for the church leadership as the continue to practice church discipline, as well as for all those hurt by Jordan’s actions.

Published June 27, 2022 by FBC Leadership

During the several days following an incident that took place Sunday June 5th, 2022, it came to the attention of church leadership of Fellowship Baptist Church of Sidney, MT that our lead pastor, Jordan Hall, had fallen into a dependency upon prescription alprazolam (Xanax), characterized by use that exceeded his prescribed dosage. As a result, Pastor Hall tendered his resignation from the pastorate shortly thereafter on June 8th, under the assumption that he had become disqualified from eldership as detailed in 1 Timothy 3.

In a subsequent business meeting, the church body voted to accept his resignation from his role as pastor and elder at Fellowship Baptist Church.

This resignation, however, was distinct from an earlier resignation that was tendered on May 14th, 2022, due to an incident in which Pastor Hall had been arrested and charged with a DUI after failing a field sobriety test during a routine traffic stop. Due to the testimony of Pastor Hall regarding a known vitamin deficiency that he insisted was to blame for his lack of coordination, the church had voted unanimously to reject his resignation, believing that the situation did not disqualify him from the pastorate.

The church decided, instead, to insist that Pastor Hall submit to a minimum 3-month sabbatical to address his physical health issues. The results of a toxicology screening requested by law enforcement were pending (the results of the screening are still outstanding at the time of this writing), and the church agreed to revisit his qualification if the report found problematic substances in his system, but no member vocalized any suspicion of drug abuse.

If the church had been aware at that point of Mr. Hall’s prescription drug abuse, the decision regarding his tendered resignation would likely have been different. However, we believe that we acted appropriately given the information we had at the time.

Mr. Hall and his family are now being ministered to by church leadership. Through the application of church discipline as prescribed in Matthew 18, we are exhorting him to seek professional treatment and work toward the restoration of his mind and body, and the reconciliation of his relationships with God and family.

Your prayers for the Hall family along with wisdom regarding this situation as it unfolds, are coveted.


Leadership of Fellowship Baptist Church, Sidney MT

Earlier this week, the team at Protestia received allegations of serious sin committed by our brother JD Hall. After correspondence with leadership at Fellowship Baptist Church, we learned that JD was determined by the church to have disqualified himself from pastoral ministry, had resigned from the pastorate, and submitted himself to a process of church discipline. Due to JD’s removal from pastoral ministry, we likewise have removed him from ministry with Protestia.

While the church’s decision to accept JD’s resignation from pastoral ministry leaves us no choice but to consider the allegations against him to be credible, we are unable to determine their truth with certainty and therefore cannot speak to all of the specifics of the accusations lest we be guilty of gossip.

As Protestia is a ministry comprised of believers from across North America, we rely on our local churches to exercise the biblical process of church discipline in the lives of our writers and team. We defer to the judgment of men God has placed in positions of local church authority, and a determination of disqualification from ministry for any of our team will result in removal from this ministry as well.

This is heartbreaking news for the Protestia team, and we pray for wisdom and courage for the leadership of FBC Sidney as they follow the process of church discipline with the goal of repentance, reconciliation, and restoration to fellowship for JD. Similarly, we are praying for his family during this trying time. In accordance with our commitment to transparency and impartiality, we will continue to stay apprised of further developments.

Effective immediately, the following changes will take place:

  • Protestia will cease to be a ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana. This decision was made both by the church and the team at Protestia, and not because of any disagreement between us and the church.
  • JD Hall’s writings and work on this site will be removed, but archived and available if needed for reference.
  • The Polemics Report podcast will cease but will be replaced soon with a companion podcast/video ministry.

Please pray for all involved as we seek clarity and endeavor to shepherd this important ministry going forward.

52 thoughts on “Statement on the Disqualification of JD Hall

  1. “we are unable to determine their truth with certainty and therefore cannot speak to the specifics of the accusations lest we be guilty of gossip”

    Has this stopped you from likewise posting about the sins or allegations of others on this website, without being able to determine the truth with certainty? If not, you are holding yourselves to a different standard than what you’ve held others to.

    1. Are you certain things were posted that werent previously determined with certainty? How do you know?

      1. I haven’t accused them of anything; I simply asked a question, and provided a statement in the case of the question being answered a certain way: IF they have published things that they hadn’t been able to ascertain, THEN clearly there would be a double standard here.

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  2. Imagine thinking him enabling suicide wasn’t bad enough. I’m guessing he either had sex with a man or had an abortion, but seen as he’s male… we’ll go with gay.

    1. I highly doubt that… I mean, he is hated by the world and despised by a multitude of self professed “Christians”.

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  3. “Due to JD’s removal from pastoral ministry, we likewise have removed him from ministry with Protestia.”

    Apparently you believe the allegations to be credible enough to remove him from this website, but not credible enough to say why?!

    1. Do you really think they need to tell you what’s going on. Don’t local churches have a right to handle these situations privately unless it warrants otherwise? Below is a great explanation of what Biblical discipline is and what it is to look like.

      The only problem I have with the whole situation is how Fellowship Baptist went public with it before fully investigating the situation and now that not only makes them look bad, but JD as well. If they really cared for JD, they would’ve kept their mouth shut until they had all the facts and then carefully crafted a statement as to their severing ties with him and then Protestia could’ve piggybacked off of that for their reasoning for severing ties with him as well. Not this half-baked reason that leaves the door open for more questions than answers. I feel for JD and his family, he is a wonderful brother who has done great things for sake of Christ and his elect. I pray that whatever is going on that Christ will be glorified and honored through it all.

      1. The church also has not gone public with it yet. His church will be releasing a statement soon with more specifics, as part of the process of church discipline. As churchmen, we support them in airing it in a manner that is best for their body and in accordance with the scriptures. Out of conviction, we shared what we knew, as soon as we could, in conversation with the body. The church has just cause to remove JD, of that there is no doubt.

    2. His church will be releasing a statement soon with more specifics, as part of the process of church discipline. As churchmen, we support them in airing it in a manner that is best for their body and in accordance with the scriptures.

  4. I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Smith. Regardless of what Protestia’s appetite for posting incredible accusations has been in the past, hopefully Protestia’s content will avoid the appearance of evil (to include gossip) going forward.

  5. David, Could you, please, publish JD’s May arrest toxicology report, in full, as promised? Let’s deal with one crisis before moving on to another. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for clarifying this for us, Staff Writer. Fully understand and will be praying for all parties involved. God bless.

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  8. I’ll admit I am not a fan of JD Hall. I come to Protestia to get a different take because it is wise to get out of our echo chamber. That said, it seems apparent that JD is going through something, I do not know what, and I don’t need to. He is, despite my issues with him, a brother in Christ, and needs our prayers at this time.

  9. JD Hall and Reformation
    Charlotte / Disntr can be a
    bit legalistic and hypocritical
    @ times especially when it comes to criticizing their beloved pet John Macarthur ..
    who definitely does deserve
    some criticism … ! !

    they can also be hypercritical
    which i think drives them to be
    a bit overly legalistic which sometimes also drives them
    into unnecessary conflict and strife which drives them into
    complete burnout which is
    what seems to hav happened
    to JD Hall ..

    but that said @ the end of the day they do way way more
    good than harm and the watchman ministries are needed especially for people
    who dont hav time to keep up
    with all the daily LAODiCEAN
    churchiANiTY insanity and deception ..

    so we all hav shortcomings
    and its truly easier to see
    others more than our own
    by the grace of God there
    go i

    so i choose to pray for JD Hall
    his Pulpit & Pen website along with Reformation Charlottes
    website although with their faults hav been a great
    overall source of info and discernment for myself for
    many years especially as we watch mainstream
    LAODiCEAN churchiANiTY
    slip into the abyss and stench
    of satans worldly cesspool of
    global culture
    ✌ & maranatha

  10. Brilliant! God disciplines those whom He loves. Praying for JD and fam, and protestia. Stand firm brothers, judgement must begin in the house Of God, and judgement is beginning indeed!

  11. Will you be assigning a featured image to this post which includes a Photo-shopped portrait of J.D. Hall’s face against a backdrop of a bunch of pills sprinkled about? Similar to how you Photo-shopped a scarlet letter on Carl Lentz face? This is your usual treatment of others who have fallen into sin. If you will not be giving J.D. Hall this same treatment, why do you do it to others? Is their sin laughable, but this sin lamentable? Shouldn’t all sin be lamentable? Do explain, because what has transpired is evidently a judgment of God upon not only Hall, but his ministry, and if that is the case, it is not enough simply to subject Hall to church discipline, while everything else around here go on as normal, but rather some serious self-examination and repentance needs to be had with all of you who are a part of this ministry, and your approach on running this website.

    1. What came out Monday doesn’t begin to compare even with what was known about Lentz before he was sacked, not to speak of the sexual revelations. Lentz made Mark Driscoll seem exemplary by comparison. I have no problems with rough treatment of that wolf.

      1. Brian L Davis before you presume to compare one man’s sins against another, and so justify one and condemn another, recognize that the Lord Jesus teaches that with greater knowledge comes greater accountability: “to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more” (Luke 12:48). J.D. Hall, I’m sure you admit, possesses far greater knowledge than Mark Driscoll or Carl Lentz. He all the more should have known better. But even so, what sort of evil judge have you become, in that you are ignoring the fact that Mr. Hall has engaged in no small sin, but deliberately violated the Ninth Commandment in bearing false witness against Adrian Jawort, a fact to which he himself has admitted and apologized, and for this God has brought upon J.D. Hall severe chastisements, which will only continue and worsen should he not come to repentance, and not only for him but for this website as well, should the people here likewise refuse to repent of the ways in which they justified Hall in his handling of this ministry, or participated in it themselves. Lying and slander are by no means a small thing; Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us that of the 7 things God hates, a lying tongue and false witness take up 2 slots in this list. Moreover Revelation 21:8 warns “all liars” will have their part of the lake of fire. I’m not saying I believe Hall is going to hell; but rather answering your handling of his sin as though it were light “compared to others,” but such a conclusion is reprehensible. If you are capable of reasoning in this way, indeed your sin is so far more aggravated than those of Lentz.

    2. There are indeed things that P&P and subsequently Protestia (as well as other polemics ministries such as RC) have engaged in, presumably in order to drive traffic and clicks. I’ve long lamented the ads because of the semi-pornographic content of some of the ads, which really isn’t something you want to see on a website like Protestia. Granted, they don’t have total control over the ads that get posted on the site. To your point, however, they do have control over how much they decide to tar and feather folks.

      All this to say that I am very sympathetic toward the views Mr. John Smith has shared here. Hopefully Mr. Merrill and others over at Protestia prayerfully revisit some of the standard operating procedures over at Protestia. I would even be willing to roll up my sleeves and help if they should have an interest.

      1. Amen. This is a wake up call. God has brought upon this ministry riveting chastisements which are meant to shake and wake you up. Take heed that you do not ignore or dismiss it! It comes to you for your good, for your reformation; God is not allowing you to go on comfortably, but is laying claim to you, calling for you to come back to him. But woe to you if you refuse to reconsider, if you justify yourselves and press on unchanged.

        CS, as far as control over ads goes, you forgot one thing: they do have control. They can turn them off at any time. It is never appropriate to showcase sin. If an ad network cannot be guaranteed to contain only wholesome ads, it should never be allowed at all. Webmasters have total control over what companies and services they advertise. Signing up for a service like Google Ads, which handles all of the selection automatically, gives no excuse. I believe this is one of the sins of this ministry which has provoked God to bring upon it these chastisements. For too long you have been profiting off of ads that subject God’s children to sexually promiscuous images, ads to Mormon teaching, etc. (both of which I personally have seen here).

        Matthew 18:6-7 Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of its stumbling blocks! For it is inevitable that stumbling blocks come; but woe to that man through whom the stumbling block comes!

        1. Amen, Bro. John. Well said. Lord willing Mr. Merrill and the others at Protestia will prayerfully consider what has been written in love and with sincerity in this thread.

  12. Xanax dependency? That’s it. For crying out loud it was a prescription. Over-relying on a a medical chemotherapy for presumably sleep or nerve disorders is among one of the pettiest reason I could imagine accepting a resignation and worse yet, engaging in ecclesiastical discipline? Yeeesh.

    Medical professionals are much, much kinder and understanding when one of their own falls victim to such human frailties.

    What JD needs isn’t His resignation being excepted nor him being dismissed and worse ecclesiastical discipline (for which there is no cause right now) rather, further medical treatment.

    I was expecting some significant issue of moral lapse but this? No x10.

    The Shepherd isn’t invincible and the Bible never expects us to demand this from Pastors. Moral failings are one thing but medical issues and drug therapy dependency and overuse are actually anticipated side-effects that also have treatment.

    This is a nothing burger.

    1. I disagree. Long-term use of a short-term medication with a high potential for abuse is an issue. I trust that the elders are privy to some information that we are not, as well. His church leadership supported him when many other leaders in other churches would’ve abandoned JD. I for one trust their judgment.

  13. How do we know what length the prescription was for? Like I said, dependency is a medical side-effect. This is a medical issue.

    And what a shame that if true, most congregations would have abandoned a pastor even before this point. So far, still a nothing burger. He should have been placed on a year sabbatical, six months minimum.

    1. “For the overseer MUST BE ABOVE REPROACH as God’s steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine…” Titus 1:7

      Pastors are to be blameless, above reproach—that’s God’s requirement, not mine. Hall recognizes he has been disqualified, so should you. James warns teachers will be held to a stricter judgment. You might think it is a “nothing burger” (whatever nonsense that means), but Hall has, nevertheless, engaged in something that even secular authorities take very seriously. How do you expect the church to have any impact or authority on the surrounding culture if the things they lawfully take seriously are set aside? And on that note, what was it, exactly, that plunged the entire creation into sin, ruin, and misery? The eating of fruit! Your attitude would have dismissed that sin as well, because eating that fruit was just as forbidden as is abusing drugs (for both the standpoints of blamelessness before unbelievers and of self-control). The fact that you can so casually dismiss an issue that is actually serious indicates little or no fear of God before your eyes.

      “I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified.” 1 Corinthians 9:27

      “Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may because of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation.” 1 Peter 2:12

      1. Totally agree brother! When Pastor Hall told this congregation that he was disqualified from ministry, they should have 100% acted and removed him! Unfortunately, too many do not heed the scriptural precepts clearly laid out . Praying for true repentance all around 🙏🏻

      2. My, but you are so quick to kick dirt on this man (that needs our prayers more than our speculation) with few facts. Your ‘piety’ is a poor example to follow, much less see displayed in a supposed Believer

      3. That is utter nonsense you wrote. There is 0 example of disqualification in new testament. Complete disqualification should always be last resort. This is actually bad example for the world. Specially what protestia did. They have abandoned him. Nothing else.

        First thing that was wrong and that shows me immaturity of Hall’s church is their acceptance of Halls constant sinful behavior – he was, by the standard of that verse (Tit. 1:7), disqualified for many years. And many leaders saw him as not capable of doing pastoral ministry. Yet simple abuse of legal medicine did it? Are they hiding something? Or are they just complete off what christianity actually is? This is what Jesus was talking about, when He dealt with pharissees. They ignored huge things and took issues with smaller ones. And this is not even act of evil, but act of weakness, lack of discipline. And other thing is that church should know what he was going through. It is their disqualification as well.

        Second… elders should be firstly publicly rebuked (1 Tim. 5:20), not disqualified. This is biblical teaching. It might not be reformed or baptist – who cares, but it is biblical teaching.

        Taking a lot of pills is not adultery. This is religious pretension. Trying to look serious, but being completely phariseic in the process.

        It is questionable whether Hall should have been ordained at first place! But when elder sins or is in trouble, falls into weakness like Hall did, he should step down and take care for a while. Church should help him, love him… not fire him completely. Most people do not know what christianity is. It is time for churchianity to die. Let SBC die, let dead reformed church die and let there be new revival with living and biblical christians.

  14. This sounds an awful lot like the response of church leaders when it comes to sexual abuse. The Catholic Church had the same problem. Cover for abusers as long as you can, until the truth is undeniable. Then cover for the Church as long as you can. I’m not saying JD Hall is a sexual abuser, I’m just saying the situation of cover-up until you can’t is similar. Although, with the recent revelations of the SBC covering up sexual abuse, there is a parallel. Institutions with power, especially religious power, will protect themselves at all costs, including costs to victims. Institutions promoting some moral authority are often guilty of hiding moral failings of members, in favor of retaining power and influence.

    1. Your specious comparison of this situation to the abuses of the Catholic Church displays both your malintent and lack of intellectual honesty. We await more complete information

  15. I guess I’m confused. I thought church discipline was for unrepentant sin? Is he in unrepentant sin, wanting to continue taking the drugs and that’s why he is in church discipline?

  16. Unless we aren’t being told the whole story, I think being stripped of pastoral duties and disciplined for getting hooked on a prescription drug is a little of an overreaction. I’m not asking for the rest of the story, but it just seems a bit excessive to fire someone because they can’t stop taking a prescription medicine that is proven to be highly addicting.

  17. Imagine- comparing the use of some discretion regarding a known prescription drug side effect (dependency) to covering up sex abuse.

    Some of you need a psych evaluation.

  18. Fighting For The Faith/Chris Rosebrough has an excellent YouTube interview with Justin Peters and Phil Johnson that is worth a listen on this topic.

    1. This is complete travesty and joke. What JD did is not act of evil, but an act of weakness. He should step down and get right, but to disqualify person completely and for lifetime, because he has fallen into abuse of legally prescribed drugs is just stupid nonsense. The statement from church is self-righteous, self-justifying piece of art. Not mentioning baptist unbiblical church government. But they should know what he is going through, they should know that he has problems with depression – it seems there was kind of separation between him and church. It is also fall of the church. Where people were, when he was down and needed medical help? Where they were? And what do they mean by reconciliation of his relationships with God” – did he lose his salvation or something? JD had bigger problem with his ungodly behavior. I would leave that church and found actual biblical one, that is not just trying to replicate churchianity and call it being biblical. Why did Protestia erase JD – is protestia church? Does protestia do discipline? What and complete failures you are. You should go to JD and help him, not kick him out of boat. Protestia is NOT church and it is not even proper ministry. It is more like christian magazine. You guys are just stupid. I would not want to be under your leadership. When person needs you, you leave him… Shame.

  19. There are a lot of assumptions being made here, and judgments based upon them. There was a cover up but not by the church. The church leaders trusted their pastor’s words and believed and acted on what he told them. For this they are being maligned. For a group of believers that have never ever imagined they would be put into such a position, they have done the best they knew to do. Their pastor taught them all about church discipline… more than many pastors teach their congregation. There is good reason for them to implement it, but they have been met with much resistance and mental gymnastics. They feel crushed, defeated, and so disillusioned and heartbroken. There was deception, but as I said, the coverup was not performed by the church. Their trust was shattered.

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