Jemar Tisby’s Ministry Vice President says White People are Weaponizing ‘Coons’ Against Black Folk

A year after a TGC author Jermore Gay said that white evangelicals engage in ‘Ecclesiological Cooning’ by saying ‘race doesn’t matter, Vice President of Jermar Tisby’s Witness BBC, Ally Henny, says that she’s concerned about the number of black ‘coons’ running for political office.

She says that these ‘coons’ will be weaponized by white people in order to show that the inherently racist institutions aren’t actually racist, all the while telling white folk that these words are not for them, and to not even bother commenting or giving their opinion.

A ‘coon’ is one of the most degrading of all black stereotypes – a dehumanizing perspective that specifically sees them as idle and lazy, inarticulate, easily frightened, and almost childish in their stupidity and uselessness. It is a shortening of the biological term Racoon, otherwise known as a ‘Trash Panda’, and is basically just as bad as calling someone a ‘nigger.’ The two terms are nearly interchangeable.

According to Andscape, Historian Donald Bogle described the coon character with brutal precision:

“Before its death, the coon developed inth the most blatantly degrading of all Black stereotypes. The pure coons emerged as no-account n—–s, those unreliable, crazy, lazy, subhuman creatures good for nothing more than eating watermelons, stealing chickens, shooting crap or butchering the English language.”

“Black folk have repurposed coon, transforming it into an intraracial slur to castigate a certain type of Black person who betrays the race. ….a coon, as used today, tracks fairly closely with Uncle Tom. ….A coon is a Black person who puts on a specific performance for white people — a performance whereby a Black person says things or performs acts to ingratiate himself or herself in exchange for the social rewards white folk can grant. It’s a quid pro quo. I dance the way you want me to, and you shower me with benefits I covet.”

One of the ‘coons’ that must be beaten is Herschel Walker. Walker is the Republican nominee in the 2022 United States Senate election in Georgia, and is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, the infamous pro-choice pastor. Ally Henny herself is openly pro-choice and pro-LGTBQ (don’t bother bringing this to the attention of Jemar Tisby. He knows and doesn’t care) and so we can see why she’d be so upset.

Henny ultimately regards these black trace-traitors who don’t think and vote the way she wants them to as clay in the hands of the molders- in this case, white folk. The black folks are just being manipulated to do the racist bidding by the white people. They are the ones weaponizing all the ‘coons’ against the good black folk, and Henny wants no disputing that, neither do her toxic followers, who turn on the ‘whyte person’ who asks about the terminology.

6 thoughts on “Jemar Tisby’s Ministry Vice President says White People are Weaponizing ‘Coons’ Against Black Folk

  1. Ally dear, the burden of proof is on the accuser, and the accused have a God-given right to challenge your accusations.

    Have a nice day.

    1. That said, Ally, you might want to think about your “logic” …

      If one makes an effort to prove they’re not racist, it means they’re racist.
      If one doesn’t make an effort to prove they’re not racist, it means they’re racist.

      How exactly is that supposed to work? Make up your mind.

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  2. Shelley Goldstein: “Hello my fellow whites, pay no attention to the lady weaponizing her race against you.”

  3. Wait a minute, isn’t the name “Ally” short for Alison, I guess, a name usually associated with Caucasian women? So who is really cooning, after all?

    I had to look her up to make sure she was black with a name like Ally because I couldn’t figure out why Jemar would hire a white woman under any circumstances, even though his wife is half-white and half-Asian, I think.

  4. To all Black People, don’t read this, this isn’t for you.
    Ally is a racist coon, or might I say, “nigger”.

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