Pope Says Christians Who Defend ‘Nationalism’ Are A Threat To ‘World Peace’

Last we wrote about New World Puppet Pope Francis, he was removing a cross from a stage he was speaking at to avoid offending Muslims, and was claiming that Joe Biden is a good catholic who should not be denied communion.

Typical stuff for the aging commie, who has been busy saying that fat people are the victims of capitalism, that we need to ditch capitalism to save ‘Sister Earth’, endorsing civil unions for gay couples, insisting that Big Tech censor ‘hate speech’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ and releasing his most outrageously blasphemous statement.

In a new message from Monday, Francis told the delegation from B’nai B’rith International, a nonprofit Jewish organization that world peace is being threatened by ‘nationalism’ and ‘greed.’

When we think of many conflicts and dangerous forms of extremism that jeopardize the security of people in our world today, we cannot help but recognize that frequently the greatest risk factor is represented by material, educational and spiritual poverty, which then becomes fertile terrain for fueling hatred, anger, frustration and radicalism.

In our time, dear friends, world peace is also threatened by forms of particularism and nationalism, driven by selfish interests and unbridled greed

The reason the pope hates nationalism is that he is a marxist globalist whole holds the communitarian belief that nation-states should either be demolished or diminished and that the world is best served when individual liberties are subordinate to the best interest of society at large.

This is contrasted to Nationalism, which is simply “a belief in the importance of the nation-state, a system of government that exists for the purpose of protecting the individual interests of its Citizens and promoting human flourishing within its boundaries.”

It’s hardly controversial and not at all sinful, despite what many may think.

5 thoughts on “Pope Says Christians Who Defend ‘Nationalism’ Are A Threat To ‘World Peace’

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  1. Of course he says that from inside the world’s smallest, wealthiest, most exclusive, and most secure city-state – which is not even big enough to be called a city, much less a nation.

  2. The “Catholic Church” was taken over from within with the creation of the Jesuit order.
    The Jesuit order was founded by a man named Ignatious of Loyola, who was a Sephardic JEW.
    This was when the children of the Devil took over the Catholic Church, and it has been ever since.

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