Gavin Ortlund says if you like Tucker Carlson, you are White Supremacist

(Capstone Report) Gavin Ortlund attacks Tucker Carlson as leftists attempt to censor the Fox News phenomena.

Earlier, Gavin Ortlund insulted the church as somehow unwilling to talk about White Supremacy—despite everyone in evangelicalism talking nonstop about white supremacy since about 2010. Ortlund (TGC contributor and pastor of First Baptist Church of Ojai) doubled down on this when challenged over his remarks. Ortlund says that watching Tucker Carlson is proof that white supremacy is a problem in the church.

Ortlund opined, “For the life of me, I cannot fathom how saying ‘condemnation of white supremacy cannot be assumed’ amounts to an insult. Are people not aware of the influence of folks like Tucker Carlson on church-goers? Do they not think we have to address this?”

Cody Libolt summarized it perfectly, “Agreeing with Tucker Carlson = White Supre…to continue reading, click here:

Editor’s Note. This article was written and published at the Capstone Report

8 thoughts on “Gavin Ortlund says if you like Tucker Carlson, you are White Supremacist

  1. For those who are unaware, the extreme Marxist left considers “white supremacy” as anyone or anything promoting things traditionally associated with Western civilization or “white culture”. These things are considered aspects of “whiteness” and are considered tenets of “white supremacy”. This includes capitalism, freedom and liberty, freedom of speech, the US Constitution, biblical Christianity, a biblical worldview, traditional marriage, politeness, traditional ethics, traditional professional expectations, merit-based advancement, etc. To combat all of these forms of systemic white supremacy, society needs to be upended and systems need to be replaced with ethnic and societal Marxism. This includes with churches.

    According to all of this, Tucker is definitely a White Supremacist.

    The intention is to divide the Church of Christ so as to enable unending leftist power. Realistically, it will separate the wheat from the tares.

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  2. My megachurch pastor says Tucker Carlson is a domestic terrorist. He said to call the FBI and report Fox News

  3. Is it possible that Ortlund has been snipped, metaphorically or literally? Seriously, I guess he doesn’t realize what typically happens to the useful idiots that’s a totalitarians groom to be there agents to abolish Christian societies. They’re lined up against the wall as well.

    Does everyone know what happens to cultures that outlaw Christianity? Think Soviet Union and Communist China along with North Korea. The state becomes god and it will not tolerate any competition.

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