The Last Piece of the Roys Puzzle

Have you ever watched a football game where one team seems to have not played well in the first half, only to find out that they actually held back and spent the first half figuring out the other team’s strategy? This is such an instance. Behold, the 4D Chess brought to you by the Rolex of Polemics Blogs.

When we last left the Ballad of Julie Roys, I recounted my interaction over the last week with a young woman claiming to have evidence of Julie’s bad intentions. Just yesterday, Julie identified this woman as Megan Stoner (for reasons I will later discuss).

It is at this late point in the story that I’m afraid I have to confess. While I quickly realized that Megan was not what she seemed, the evidence that my interactions with her produced was forming a picture of what was true and not true between Megan and Julie Roys. I was quite sure very early on that the evidence I had been sent was suspect. Yet I still teased that I would publish further evidence of Julie’s unethical and immoral behavior. Why would I do such a thing?

First, because there was still a slim chance the evidence would prove true. But mainly because it’s a sure bet that Julie Roys will not fail to provide more evidence of her awfulness. Either way I was confident Julie herself would eventually vindicate me.

Megan, this troubled woman that Julie (not me) named yesterday via social media (the same person who fooled Julie into trusting her for months, even including giving her a “scholarship” to Roys’ ironically-monikered Restore Conference) had her disturbing unreliability pointed out to Julie six weeks before Julie parted ways with her:

Yet Julie kept working with Megan (apparently finding her credible enough for Julie’s purposes) far beyond the point when pastor Jeff Thompson warned Julie about his crazy experience with Megan (including an apparent fake murder-for-hire plot). It was weeks after Jeff’s warning that Julie decided Megan was no longer worth the risk – now apparently too risky to Julie – and Julie distances herself (from yet another young woman victimizing her):

This warning (March 3rd and 4th) caused Julie to “express concerns” over five weeks later about Megan coming to the conference, yet Julie was apparently still unwilling to be honest with Megan about her reasoning, instead keeping the reason she removed Megan’s housing “confidential”:

So much for Julie’s claim that “after I talked to Jeff, I reached out to Megan.” No, she didn’t. Instead, she strung Megan along for five weeks.

Despite now being aware of this dangerous and disturbed con artist, Julie found no reason to publicly warn anyone about Megan. Instead, she left her endorsement of Megan up on her website (where it remains as of this publishing), deceiving anyone seeking the truth (like myself, for example) into granting Megan undue credibility. In fact, Julie’s positive reference to Megan on her podcast was the first thing Megan told me to establish her credibility as a witness. Rather than implore Megan to get the help she so clearly needed, Julie waited weeks to simply tell Megan they need to “go our separate ways.” Megan had now outlived her usefulness, and Julie needed to protect herself:

Weeks later, Julie solicited a statement from Jeff outlining what he told her about Megan nearly two months prior. Jeff sent it to her on May 2nd.

Yes, Julie asked for the statement, which she later claimed to have been “reluctant to publish out of concern for Megan.” Her reluctance was laughably short-lived, as Jeff had sent the statement only two days prior to this self-aggrandizing tweet:

To add to the confusion, Julie implied in her statement that she was releasing Jeff’s statement because Megan “won’t stop her libelous activity” as if her concern for Megan would have kept the statement private if not for Megan’s continued spreading of falsehoods. The problem is that Megan didn’t say anything false about Julie after the statement came into Julie’s possession, demonstrating Julie’s tweet to be a manifestly false claim.

So what are the real reasons Julie decided to publish the barely two-day-old statement? And why did Julie ask Jeff to provide a statement weeks after she was made aware of Megan’s danger – a statement she apparently was planning to leave unpublished?

Unfortunately, one of those answers is me.

According to my conversations with Jeff, Julie asked him for a statement about Megan because she was aware we were working on an article about her, and that the article was related to Megan Stoner’s accusations. This was pretty easy for Julie to figure out since we had teased a forthcoming Julie article and there was plenty of Twitter activity linking me to Megan. Julie also knew Megan had accused her on April 26th, and that the claims Megan was alluding to were not true:

Julie believed I was about to publish an article about her using information she knew was phony, from a source she knew cooked up a dangerous con targeting her and Jeff and was slinging fraud all over the internet like a digital loose cannon. Yet she decided to stay silent – instead covering herself by securing a statement from Jeff about Megan – clearly in anticipation of dunking on me as soon as I released an article using the fake emails (I had teased Monday, May 2nd).

Yet unbeknownst to Julie, I was fully aware of Megan’s con and had instead written an article telling the story of me almost getting conned by Megan (perhaps my “almost” characterization was a slight exaggeration). The last step was to send some of the fake emails to Julie to signal to her that we actually hadn’t been fooled (nullifying her plans to weaponize the statement against us) and to publish my actual article.

Now that the smoking gun she hoped for had failed to materialize, Julie was stuck merely attacking me with my promise to provide evidence of further unethical and immoral behavior. She even tweeted out a video clip where I made the promise, casting it as surefire proof of me making false claims. And Megan (clearly not in a good place emotionally or mentally) did not provide a good enough public apology for Julie (see the bonus section at the end), so Julie slammed her with her newly acquired statement.

Yet in concocting her ridiculous and easily disprovable narrative about the circumstances surrounding Jeff’s statement and virtue signaling her supposed concern for Megan, Julie revealed the awful truth that her reputation is more valuable to her than anything – especially disposable people like Megan Stoner. Julie once again proved how unqualified she is to handle any situation involving abuse and provided a wealth of new evidence of her unethical, immoral awfulness.

My assumed falsehood has become a promise fulfilled, proving once again that when Protestia makes a promise, you can take it to the bank.

We’ve exposed Julie’s wicked “journalism” techniques (which she pathologically employs even in simple social media posts), and discussed the doctrinal positions that motivate her animus towards John MacArthur.

We’ve exposed the parody-level wokeness of her “ministry” partner Judson University, including discussing what the IRS might have to say about their passthrough non-profit arrangement.

We’ve discussed her time with “Sarah,” and how her recent explanation failed to refer to “sin” even once. By the way, her book is back on Facebook (assuming it was ever pulled as she claimed) with no explanation.

And finally, we’ve now exposed the truth behind the facade that Julie Roys cares about anyone but herself.

Julie willingly hid her knowledge of a dangerous and pitiable con artist (a claimed sex assault survivor), refusing to reveal the danger to those Megan might attempt to con or implore Megan to get help – so long as it remained useful to Julie for her not to. While Julie later claimed to be withholding what she knew to protect Megan, Julie blasted Megan’s information onto the internet the moment hiding it was no longer useful (and when Julie wanted to attack me). Julie admitted she did this for her own benefit – to stop the lies purportedly being spread about her by “survivor advocates.” Note that Megan’s lies were worth a comprehensive response, but none of what I have exposed about Julie had to date been substantively answered.

She continues to pathologically employ her tell-tale half-lies, play the victim card, and lash out at people she claims to side with in order to defend her exalted, unapologetic, and narcissistic reputation. What has been done in darkness has been exposed to the light. Soli Deo Gloria.

Mark her. Avoid her. Rebuke those who support her wickedness.

Note: I have no evidence whatsoever that Jeff has done anything wrong. He has been transparent, generous with his time, and has repeatedly expressed his love for his church and for the importance of getting to the truth. His testimony concerning Megan lines up with the behavior I have witnessed. I earnestly pray that Megan will get the help she needs, most especially coming to true saving faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bonus: Much like Julie laughably tried to push me around, Julie bullied Megan into issuing an apology by threatening to release Jeff’s statement (two nights before she actually released the statement and a few hours before we confirmed with Julie the emails were fake and she sent us Jeff’s statement). Megan tweeted this on Monday night in response to Julie offering her “an opportunity to make things right:”

Hi Everyone, Any and all screenshots & tweets you’ve seen me from regarding Julie Roy’s are false. I will not be tweeting anymore about Julie. I wish her well & I look forward to healing myself. Please do not contact me with questions at this time. Thanks everyone.

Julie said, “That’s a good start.”

Tuesday, Julie issued another veiled threat to publish the statement, asking Megan if she was going to delete her Twitter account (quite possibly cutting Megan off from those who might be able to get her some help). When this did not happen, Julie blocked Megan (evidenced by Megan no longer being able to send DMs to her), and tweeted her conflated, self-serving, and selectively phony account of what happened.

3 thoughts on “The Last Piece of the Roys Puzzle

  1. I hate reading this about JR—This stinks! I was gonna join the “Truth Team” and learn how to discern error from truth that Roy’s was offering. And now I won’t get my e-booklet no matter what the size of my love gift?!😭

  2. So you basically admit in this article to completely unethical behavior. You intentionally lied to the public in an effort to “4-D chess” Julie Roys and try to make her look bad. What hypocritical behavior. You are so committed to supporting pastors that put men in the place of God and try to shame abused women into returning to their abusers that you are willing to violate the 9th Commandment. I encourage you to head the words of Jesus and repent of your hypocrisy.

    Matthew 23:23: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. ”

    Matthew 23:27-28: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”

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