Julie Roys Funded by Progressive Baptist College Steeped in Wokeness

Surprise, surprise. Julie lies.

Despite hiding behind her former show on Moody Radio and claiming to be “about as conservative as they come,” the self-annointed Investigative Journalist (and not some stinkin’ lowly ‘blogger’) Julie Roys is affiliated with and funded in large part by uber-woke Judson University, a private Baptist college in suburban Chicago, that she plugs at the start of every show. Roys funnels all funding for her operation (including her own salary) through the school to help her supporters write off donations like they are supporting an actual Christian ministry.

Judson is affiliated with the women-ordaining and often LGBTQ-affirming American Baptist Churches USA (although the school holds a Title IX exemption allowing it to discriminate against LGBTQ students for religious reasons), and is the liberal arts college offshoot of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary – alma mater to theological stalwarts like televangelist John Osteen (father of Joel Osteen) and lady preacher Tara Beth Leach (favorite “lead pastor” of Jory Micah). The denomination is home to the likes of gay-affirming Hillary supporter Tony Campolo and Kamala “Ukraine is a country in Europe” Harris.

Judson – much like Roys herself – claims to be theologically conservative. Yet the school platforms the kind of woke lady pastors that make Beth Moore sound like Phyllis Schlafly. “Conservative” Judson advertises a parody-level commitment to diversity, social justice, and racial reconciliation on their website, which confesses their practice of the sin of partialism through race-based hiring and scholarships, so-called diversity “curriculum transformation,” and segregated student organizations. Yet perhaps no evidence of Judson’s gospel-denying wokeness is clearer than their recent “Race and Justice” speaking series.

In the most notably awful entry from the series, Pastrix Juliet Liu of Life on the Vine Church in nearby Long Grove teaches the students at Judson what happens when a preacher reads the part about how we were made in God’s image, then throws away the rest of the Bible. The 7th grade-level presentation is something to behold, as Liu channels the ghost of John Lennon and spews social gospel insanities like this little gods heresy:

We are tasked with representing the Lord, the Creator God who nurtures life, who shares power, rather than consolidating it for himself, who labors sacrificially and gives of himself for the peace and flourishing of all people. That is the kind of leadership and authority we are invited to share with the Lord. And in fact, it is Jesus’s mission, to restore us to that likeness of God.

Not a pastor. Not a Christian.

She substitutes social justice for true biblical justice:

The beautiful diversity of what the Creator has made, is ensured when the Creator makes a just world where all of life can thrive. That’s what biblical justice is about. It’s about ordering the world to be a place where one group isn’t doing well at the expense of another group. But instead, all of life is flourishing. That’s what biblical justice is, ordering the world to be a place where one group isn’t doing well at the expense of another, but all of life is flourishing. And then that’s what God invites us into to share with him that work of justice. He says, Let’s build a just world together a place where all of life can flourish.

She spins a wild CRT whiteness fantasy – a mini 1619 Project that would make Ibram X Kendi blush:

And so western man saw himself as having a God given right to rule over these lower grades of people. And then as light skinned European colonists encountered the dark skinned peoples of India and Africa, the language of whiteness began to develop. And it started to evolve, it was used as a way to distinguish the colonists from the often darker skinned peoples they encountered in the lands that they took over. So again, we saw the lighter skinned people who again, this language of whiteness is developing, started to rule in oppression over the darker skinned peoples of the other lands.

Before finishing with the damning false gospel of works-based universalism:

You have been made in the image of God. And you have been invited into the mission of God. That mission, at its foundation, is the reconciliation of all people to God, all people who have been made in His image, and the building of a world that reflects the love and justice of our Creator, and Redeemer God. So will you join the Lord in that work? Will you join this mission of building a just world with our maker?

This is what is being taught at the institution that funds the journalism of Julie Roys. She promotes this garbage at the beginning of every one of her podcasts by recommending Judson University. The progressive and egalitarian doctrine flowing through Roy’s dark corner of evangelicalism frames her targeting of John MacArthur in a much more understandable light.

While Roys claims to be “very, very conservative (you know, because Moody doesn’t put you on the radio if you’re not conservative), she is anything but. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what subjective descriptor she assigns herself. For those willing to listen, she is telling everybody where she truly stands on the pivotal theological issues of the day. She is demonstrating that she will misrepresent, obfuscate, and outright lie to attack those who stand against the downgrade she represents.

h/t to Tim Hurd at the Bible Thumping Wingnut for discovering a good portion of the information in this article.

In our next article, we will follow up on additional details, evidence, and outright lies perpetrated by Julie Roys in her current attacks on John MacArthur, and how these attacks demonstrate that she is the one perpetrating abuse against the survivor community in her pursuit of her White Whale.


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